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    2015 Airborne Goblin 22"

    Greetings everyone. Long time listener, first time caller...

    I just picked up a 22" Goblin and wanted to share my experience and a few pictures for those that asked.

    Based on some of the comments I've read, I must of been one of the lucky ones who received both a callback regarding sizing and a email reply to a follow-up inquiry.

    Despite what's been written here and on FB, mine did not come with the "upgraded" components (tires and brakes). This didn't particularly shock or offend me as the person I spoke with about fitment (Erik I believe) told me that it wouldn't. Oddly the Facebook page (and the email response I received) said it would. Looks like there's some miscommunication within Airborne about this at the moment.

    In my mind the bike is still one heckuva bargain, especially at $1099. I'm not overly concerned about the "upgraded" brakes/tires as the components are still light-years ahead of where I'm coming from.

    FedEx dinged up the box a bit, but the bike arrived intact. Everything was packaged adequately. The only odd thing was the stem was pointing backwards. I wouldn't be surprised if this was done on purpose just for packaging since the cables all routed properly once I spun it around.

    Assembly was a piece of cake and I haven't had to make any adjustments to the derailleurs or brakes yet. Everything worked perfectly right out-of-the-box.

    I've included a few pictures below. The full gallery (with unboxing) can be found here,

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2015 Airborne Goblin 22"-dsc_0003.jpg  

    2015 Airborne Goblin 22"-dsc_0004.jpg  

    2015 Airborne Goblin 22"-dsc_0006.jpg  

    2015 Airborne Goblin 22"-dsc_0005.jpg  

    2015 Airborne Goblin 22"-dsc_0007.jpg  

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    I also have the same bike as you, I took delivery of my 22" Goblin last month. My bike came exactly like yours did, same brakes and tire set up, all Airborne bikes come with the stem mounted in the reverse position for shipment reasons.

    I changed my tires to tubeless ready MAXXIS Crossmarks and went tubeless, and I changed my handle bars to 725mm length, and a 60mm stem, I also switched to a butt friendly WTB Pure pro saddle.

    These bikes are AWESOME!

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    Good pics of the goblin. Thanks for sharing. I've been debating over the goblin or goblin evo in the 22" size.

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    Great pictures, welcome to the family!

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    @Stinkbait -
    Thanks for confirming the stem reversal mystery.

    I'd also really like to go tubeless and will definitely look in to the Crossmarks you mentioned. Are you happy with them? Which size did you get?

    Bars, stem and seat are definitely on my radar. I plan on riding it stock for a good long while before switching things up.

    @generalg -
    I replied to your PM and am including some of it here for reference

    " I'm 6'3" with a 36" (actual) inseam. I say actual because it's a couple inches longer than my jeans inseam. They recommended I stand next to a wall and use a book to mark/measure the distance to the floor.

    It's a large frame, in fact the largest I've ever owned. I've also never ridden a 29er so that may be affecting my perception. I think it's the right size for me, and would almost certainly be good for you at 6'5". The only potential downside would be if you consistently ride on super tight, twisty trails. I think a 22" would probably be the best size for you.

    I went with the Goblin over the EVO since it's available now instead of next year and it better fits the type of riding I do. Realistically I don't see myself getting super aggressive on the descents and the Goblin seemed like the best choice for me. "

    Thanks Soul_Chicken!! El pollo abides.
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