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Thread: What Forks?

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    What Forks?

    Hi All
    I知 building up a Yeti ASR dually and am looking at new forks too.I知 happy ish on the down hill but lack peddle power on the up so want to keepweight low. My riding style is mainly XC and XCM. But as we have rocks rocks and more rocks on my local tracks, generally our riding has a lot of "trail" enforced upon the XC.

    I知 looking at the 120 mm Fox Factory Float but can't decideon the 32 or 34. They are meant to have a 500 g wt difference
    Currently I知 riding fox float 120 mm 2015 32 mm shocks on a Santa Cruztallboy.

    I am wondering if the improved ride of the 34 is enough to over come the weight penalty.

    A distant third choice is the light weight Reba Rock shox again the 32 mm but wondering if these lack stiffness. I was looking at the SIDs but they no longer do a 120 version.

    Decisions decisions so would love some thoughts from people that have used these forks


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    Leah, I have a couple of XC bikes that I've replaced 100mm forks on with 120mm or just upgraded the fork travel with the airspring. All the forks are 32mm stanchions. In the 3 years since the last fork upgrade, I've decided that I will never again buy a fork over 100mm with stanchions smaller than 34mm due to flex in the forks. Of course, I'm a big rider at 6'3" and 220lbs, and I ride hard, so if you're a little lighter, or have a less aggressive riding style, you might be ok with the 32mm over the 34 to save some weight if that's really a concern for you. To me, if I could put the Fox34 on over the Fox32 and find a set of tires that saved me 250g without compromising my riding, I'd rather have the slightly lighter tires and the heavier fork. I guess what I'm saying is, there are probably a lot of places you could save 500g on a bike to have the better fork.

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    Thanks yes sounding like the 34s are the go

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    You will definitely see the stability savings with the larger stanchion fork. However there are other brands out there to consider as well.
    Do you have a specific budget in mind for the new fork?
    Keeping the same wheelset? If so, what hub standard does it use?

    Answer those questions and you may see things open up. Of the top of my head you could also be looking at something like the MRP Loop, Manitou Mattoc or Minute, SR Suntour Auron/Aion/Durolux, etc.

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    To confuse the issue, you should look at the Push company option to sell the Fox with a coil spring conversion. These things are super.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeahDe View Post
    Thanks yes sounding like the 34s are the go
    Id suggest just one 34, unless you are getting different travel lengths, but it be a pain in the butt to switch it out all the time.
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