Tires for North East Rocky Rooty Riding on an Ibis Ripley-
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    Tires for North East Rocky Rooty Riding on an Ibis Ripley

    I'm building up the Ibis to be fairly light. The bike comes stock 2.35 Nobby Nic/Hans Dampf which is fairly light.

    I'd be willing to drop down as far as a 2.2 but hooking up could get sketchy or stick with 2.35.

    I ride in upstate NY, tons of hard dirt. Slick roots, some rock gardens.

    I'll need something that performs pretty well off camber as I do a bit of that kind of riding where one side of the trail is a cliff and the trail isn't exactly flat so for my own safety I want something that doesn't slip laterally.

    I'm going to be running the i9-s28 rim combo. 2-2.6" is the range.

    Would you guys run a 2.35 up front and a 2.2 in back? I want something that climbs really well. Oddly right now I'm on a Turner Flux 26er with Schwaulbe Mountian King in the front and race king 2.2 in the back. Sometimes I slip if I don't put weight into the back tire on a climb. Off camber can be tough too.

    Again, I'm a weight weenie so anything i can do to shave some weight too.

    What are my top 2-3 options. Please ensure you tell me
    Option 1) Tire X up front Tire Y in back
    Option 2) Tire X up front Tire Y in back

    So I don't get confused if possible. Appreciate the help!

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    This year I'm running Maxxis Dissector 2.4 front/ Rekon 2.4 rear on my We are One Insider wheelset. I have a few rides on them and compared to DHF 2.5/Aggresor 2.5, the bike is more alive and faster. Weight wise this combo is similar to Hansdampf/NobbyNic, probably a little bit heavier... If I were you, I would ride what comes with your bike, a good compromise between traction/weight/rolling resistance. If you want something lighter, maybe keep the Nobby Nic and use it as a front tire and buy a Rocket Ron for the back. Personally, I would not go smaller than 2.35 on any bikes, but that's just me and I'm 200lbs. With my actual combo I know there will be limitation for my riding particularly with the Rekon, mostly in wet terrain or some harder trail system were I ride. I will eventually get a Assegai/DHR2 set and use them on my Ibis aluminum wheelset for those conditions.
    1) Keep HD/NN combo in 2.35
    2) NN2.35/RR 2.25 (gonna be sketchy on wet roots)
    3) Maxxis Dissector 2.4/Rekon 2.4
    4) Maybe Bontrager XR4/XR2 in 2.6?? (pretty decent weight)
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    Thanks! Anyone else confirm?

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    I can confirm the Rekon is a good tire. I have a 2.4 that Iíve never had a chance to ride (when I was changing to that tire I discovered the frame was broken on the bike I was putting it on) but Iíve run 2.6 Rekons on a different bike. If the 2.6 had a weakness, itís that it was light even at that width (a little lighter than the 2.4, actually) and so it wasnít very think - it got cut down a lot on rocks when it was on the back of the bike, but faired ok on the front. The 2.4 is likely a good bit tougher than the 2.6, so Iíd recommend it. Iíve never run a Dissector, but I do have a 2.5 aggressor on in place of the 2.6 Rekon I used to run, so itís heavier than the Rekon, but I donít think itís any slower. Itís for sure faster than a minion.

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    Bontrager is making some great tires that are very light and high volume.

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    Iím riding rocky trails in central/western Maryland for reference. Not much flow, lots of rock grinding.

    Iíve been running 2.4 Rekons front and rear on a V1 Hightower and been happy with them. I did have an issue with puncturing the rear tire, so I added a lightweight tire insert (Pepsi Tire Noodle - the red one) and have had no further problems. My only knock on the Rekon is that the side knobs do start to break down somewhat quickly in my experience.

    I am quite interested in the Vittoria Agarros for my next tire. They definitely weigh more, but the reports from people on the forum are that they are fast rolling, with reasonable grip and the extra weight hopefully adds up to being a more durable tire. I am not getting so hung up on weight anymore - much more worried about rolling resistance.

    A friend is running Bontrager XR4s and they seem to be decent as well. Definitely looks like a good front tire. Maybe pair it with a a Rekon, Agarro, Ardent Race, XR2, etc... on the rear.

    I did run a Schwalbe Nobby Nic for a while - tried it front and rear. Have to say that I prefer the Rekon to it.

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    I'm a fan of DHF/Aggressor (both 2.3) combo on my tallboy for the rocky & technical riding I have around me. I consider myself a weight weenie (currently working on weight-weenieing my 2020 epic ht), but I've been fairly happy with the weight sacrifice of the heavier DHF/Aggressor tires, in exchange for the traction and control, while still maintaining decent rolling resistance. I think this combo is a good balance for a 'trail' bike with solid tread pattern, but in a smaller width (2.3) vs the wider (2.5) versions of these tires.

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    Some good suggestions in your other thread on the topic:
    What, me worry?

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