• 09-02-2013
    Shimano SLX Rear Freewheel Body Fail
    Has anyone had/seen a systemic Shimano SLX M678 rear freewheel body unit failure? Cracked down the length of the body at the seam of one of the cassette spines. Occurred with approximately 250 miles of riding on a 3-month old 2013 Kona Satori. I expect it to be covered under warranty but wanted to see if anyone else out there has also had/seen this problem. One of the shops I spoke to indicated they've seen it in several of these large diameter SLX hubs. He had two others in the shop with the same problem. Thanks.
  • 09-02-2013
    mlx john
    Yes, I've seen two in the last month. Freehub body cracking on the SLX M678 142x12.