Roval control trail SL, breaking spokes-
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    Roval control trail SL, breaking spokes

    In the few months of riding an 2012 Sworks stumpjumper FSR I broke a total of 4 spokes in the rear wheel. Everytime I break a single spoke and once I also broke the same spoke that was replaced a week earlier by spec shop (I know this because the nipple on this spoke was gray). What is the problem here? My technique is very good and I do not ride very very harsh trails, however for each person harsh means something else The trails I ride are definitely very rocky and I am pretty sure at least one of the spokes was broken due to a rock being launched from under the wheel into the spoke, but this was only once, every other broken spoke has no signs of impact and they ALL break right at the nipple every time. I weight at 77kg and my technique of riding is very good, I also did not break the carbon rim, just the spokes, I also like to run a very low tire pressure, something along the lines of 1.7 bar, 25 psi Everytime I break a spoke my trip is ruined and I am pissed, thinking of changing a wheelset into enve or something, because I am thinking my roval wheelset might be at fault, I have another bike an 2012 Sworks Epic that I ride the same way and I never had a single problem with wheels on that bike!!! Is this possible the tension on the spokes is not enough or something? I ride a lot, should my LBS check tension of all the other spokes? They kind of feel useless about this issue and I need to find some advice here to let them know what to do, please help

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    Rear wheels can have a pretty big difference in spoke tension due to the dishing of the wheel. Are you breaking them always on the same side of the rear wheel? If so, maybe it can be ameliorated by a wheel builder who knows what they are doing.

    If the spokes are breaking on both sides probably the wheel needs to be re-laced. I've gotten factory wheels before that were laced/tensioned by some rookie that gave me nothing but problems. If a wheel isn't tensioned properly you can keep replacing spokes to eternity and it won't get any better.

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