Need to change riding position after neck surgery-
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    Need to change riding position after neck surgery

    So any help or tips in what I would like to do will be a big help! So I have a specialized rockhopper 29 that I have not been able to ride in over two years. I would like to start riding again but the current riding position is to painful. I had neck surgery and the forward leaning position puts to much pressure on my neck. What I would like to do if possible, is replace my bars and neck with a BMW type setup, with a shorter neck and a higher bmx style bar!

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    The thing connecting the fork steerer to the handlebar is called a stem (not neck). It sounds like you have difficulty tilting your head up if you're leaning forward on the bike, so you want your grips higher and closer so that you sit more upright, right? This can be accomplished a number of ways but typically a shorter stem that is angled upward along with a handlebar that more rise and sweep back can get you where you want to be. If there are spacers on the steerer above your stem, you can move these below the stem to gain a cm or two of height. There are zillions of options as far as stems and handlebars go. How much higher and further back do you think you need? Depending on how much change in position there is, you may need to extend cables or hoses to properly reach the levers.
    What, me worry?

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    Try a Jones 2.5 rise H-bar with a short as possible stem to put you into a more upright position.

    Also look up Discord Components Creemee 0mm stem with 80mm rise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimdev View Post
    What I would like to do if possible, is replace my bars and neck
    I thought you meant your neck that had surgery.
    Yeah, a higher rise stem (and more spacers under it) and a high rise bar would do the trick, I expect. Possibly bar ends as well.
    Maybe even lower your seat a bit and accept the reduction in power?

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    I just had 5-7 fused with lots of titanium and screws added in December. Just now getting back on my bikes. I swapped out bars and stem on a old Santa Cruz Chameleon I had laying around to BMX stuff. I had done this in the past for shoulder problems. Works great. I keep it very basic with a high rise cruiser bmx bar and i switch to a BB7 brake setup till i am ready to get back to the mountains. Check out this SE Mounster Quad. are the bars I use and recommend. You can get them in black.

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