Maxxis Assegai 2.5 29er tire pressure-
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    Maxxis Assegai 2.5 29er tire pressure

    Just got my Ripmo V2
    Size XL.

    Iím running the Maxxis Assegai 2.5 29er tire.

    Iím 6í2 and 215 pounds.

    Whatís the lowest pressure I can run on those?
    And I purchased the carbon wheel.

    Theyíre tubeless, needless to say.


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    What casing is your tire? Are you using it as a front, or rear tire? What is the internal rim width on your rims? How fast of a rider are you?

    Tire pressure is hugely dependent on all of those, as well as what terrain you're riding on.

    I have a buddy with a 29x2.5in Assegai in the EXO+ casing, and who weighs somewhere in the 230-240lb range. Myself I'm ~200lbs and running a different front tire (2.6in WTB Vigilante).

    Generally speaking, I'd say start with ~22-25psi, and go from there.

    If you feel the tire squirming or folding in corners, or feel rim strikes (a rock hits the rim through the pressure in the tire), then you need to go up. If you experience none of those, you can likely drop it further.

    Just know going too low at speed, and you risk damaging your rim.

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    Maxxis Assegai 2.5 29er tire pressure

    This is something you have to figure out on your own.

    For me:
    Weight = 165
    28mm internal width rim
    Front tire
    Lezyne pump gauge

    25 psi but it varies depending on the trail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coke View Post
    This is something you have to figure out on your own....
    Correct. Keep lowering the pressure until you start to experience rim strikes or significant tire squirm, then go up a few psi. Front tire is normally lower psi than rear. At 180 lb I run 14 front and 16 rear on 2.4" tires on 30mm IW rims for general trail riding. I'll bump that up a few PSI when conditions warrant.
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    17.46 front, 21.5 rear.
    I just took my pressures and increased them proportional to your heavier weight.
    It's science.
    Add 3 front and back for TWE.
    Subtract 2 for Cushcore.
    Add 1 for TWE with Cushcore.
    Subtract 2 for DD.
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    I'm currently running a 2.5 Assegai on the front for general riding and also used it in a couple of enduro races. 190lb on an Evil Offering. 19 psi but for hard charging I'll bump it up to 23psi. 35mm ID Derby rims. Great front tire.

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    To echo what everyone else has said, inflate until you donít get rim strikes and deflate if itís too bouncy and skittish. Then note the pressure with your gauge. Use that same gauge every time. Adjust for different terrain.

    I run 25psi and smash into everything as fast as I can.

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