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    HUBS: SRAM v. Bontrager

    I've read +/- on the SRAM MTH 746 boost 148 ('18 RM Instinct) and wondered how it compares to the Bontrager 54T Rapid Drive on the '18 Fuel EX 8. Is the TREK upgrade engagement kit worth it? Closely comparing both bikes and appreciate the info.

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    dont know much about the sram hubs but im pretty positive that the higher end trek hubs are made by dt swiss, at least the internals are. i wouldnt let bike choice come down to hubs though, youll be upgrading wheels sooner or later anyway
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    You can upgrade the 29er Line Comp 30 wheelset that comes stock on the EX8. The 3 extra pawls and springs will cost you about $30-40. You'll then have the same freehub as my Line Pro 30 carbons. And yes, 108 points of engagement is a noticeable improvement.
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    Sram 746 hubs are formula and total garbage. They eat bearings and really easy to crack the axle sleeve.

    My b+ bike came with the same hub (just unmarked but listed as formula). 3 set of bearings and bought a 746 hub to get a replacement sleeve quickly so my bike wasnt down waiting on warranty. Literally every part is identical to me oem rear hub on a $1500 hardtail. Nothing but problems.

    Thankfully Cannondale was out of wheels so gave me a credit, paid the difference between credit and LBS cost for a DT Swiss 350 rear hub, which Im now just waiting on spoke to arrive.

    The bontrager higher end hubs ARE made by DT Swiss.

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    I have a custom wheelset build up from last years (non boost) version of the bontrager rhythm pro hubs. Bontrager switch from DT Swiss ( star ratchet) to prawls last year. Nice setup, easy to take apart but the axle/freehub/prawls are all one piece.

    The 104 version has an extra set of offset 3 prawls. Currently I am running DT Swiss 240 54t on one bike and the rhythm pros on another. The rhythm pros are quieter. So far so good.

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    Just a thought, but have you looked at the SRAM 900 hubs? I just picked up front and rear for a little over $200. Engagement looks to be better than my Hope Pro 4s. We will see how they hold up.

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    FWIW, I've been riding 900 hubs on a set of carbon wheels I built for two years and they have been fine so far.
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