Help! Cant remove XG cassette off Novatec hub-
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    Help! Cant remove XG cassette off Novatec hub

    I've got an XG1199 cassette that seems to be freezed. I cannot get this off the Novatec hub. This is from a bike I purchased used.

    THere is no locking pin or something on the Novatec, right? Its a standard loosen (lefty) using the cassette tool, right? I even brought out the torque wrench and gave it over 60lbs before worrying its going to break something.

    Pictures to help below.

    Help! Cant remove XG cassette off Novatec hub-20190325_132222.jpg
    Help! Cant remove XG cassette off Novatec hub-20190325_132215.jpg
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    You donít use a torque wrench to remove fasteners - good way to ruin the wrench / calibration. Use a breaker bar & quality chain whip.

    FYI break away torque is different than the original torquing.

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    Lefty loosey... you need a cheater bar and a good chain whip. The park cassette lockring tool with 12mm pin would also help keep everything in place. They can require a LOT of force to remove if not enough grease was used during the installation.
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    Maybe someone used the wrong locktite on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mopartodd View Post
    Maybe someone used the wrong locktite on it.
    Any form of loctite would be the wrong kind.
    I'd take it to a shop. It's extremely easy to strip the socket on these.

    Edit: I think the reason to go to a shop is that they may have removed 100 in the past and probably know how to ensure the teeth don't strip. You've removed 0. They'd likely do it for free or for $2 in the tip jar.
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    ^^^ Any form of thread locker would be wrong. Loctite assembly lube or anti-seize might be OK...

    Loctite is a brand. Thread lockers are one of their products.
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    XD cassettes like to freeze on the freehub body especially if the previous owner didn't use grease.
    Make sure the cassette tool goes in the "lock ring" nice and deep, if it doesn't, get a longer one. I have a random cheapo one and the part that goes into the lock ring is 15mm long which is more than enough.
    Use a pry bar, or just a random longer tube. Use the chain whip on a larger cog, but not the largest, and try to be somewhat careful, the teeth on these cassettes can break/bend pretty easily.

    The guys at the bike shop won't be able to do anything else either, unless they're magicians.

    At this point you have two options. You can either just send it and risk breaking something, or the cassette stays on forever on this freehub body.

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    Bigger wrench!
    Yeah, the XD style is tough to remove, especially if it wasn't greased on install. The other thing, is that it is always being driven on a little bit more while riding; not quite to the extent of old-school freehubs, but it does. You can feel this if you don't install it all the way and go ride it, you feel the thing tighten up a bit more.
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    Yup, more leverage with a cassette tool with pin that sits in deep will help. I had a stuck cassette and my big Park chain whip kept coming off so I got a Pedroís vice whip and itís amazing, like cassette vice grips!
    And if that didnít budge anything Iíd be trying to soak some liquid wrench or other loosening spray to break corrosion and rust underneath the cassette and Iíd drop the manual wrench or ratchet on the cassette tool and go for an impact wrench. Sometimes itís not about the overall torque but the initial shock or impact.

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