Fox 36 Elite fork fiddling-
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    Fox 36 Elite fork fiddling

    I just got my first new bike in 9 years and forks have changed a bit... Specifically volume spacers are pretty new to me, and compression knobs.

    I have the Fit 4 version, and it feels great mostly. It's the 140mm version on a Rocky Mountain Instinct. I had the feel dialed in for the trails, but I was never using more than about 110mm of the travel... even on my biggest hits. I reduced the spring rate (air) a bit but that made medium hits in the rocks feel terrible.

    This is what I have done and I'd like some advice as to if I'm on the right track. I put the air pressure back up to where it feels great everywhere (90 psi and I'm 185lbs). Just before I set the pressure I took out 1 of 4 volume spacers.

    I have a spot set up for a pretty big hit and I used about all but 5mm of my travel. I adjusted my compression knob up from 10 to 17, and on the same hit I was left with about 10 to 15mm in reserve.

    I have not been on a trail yet since the change, but does it sound like the approach I took to get full travel was sound? Thanks

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    It sounds like you at least understand the dynamics of the situation. It will be interesting to hear what you think about it after you ride some more trail on it.

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    I noticed RM only guides purchasers through setting shock/load preload which kinda sucks. My suggestion is to begin by setting a baseline. You can do this by counting off the total number of rebound and compression clicks and on the shock and fork then setting your baseline at half ie: 20 total clicks, baseline 10 clicks. Then as you get further into your setup or ride the bike more remove or add rebound-compression as you go and make a log of your changes for future reference. If youre measuring the amount of rebound and compression by how much travel youre using you can strive for settings that allow the shock and fork to recover from large hit without wallowing or topping out as they do so. But at the same time you want to be able to tune in small hit compliance so as you can see theres balance. Lastly, more important than setting up the fork is working towards achieving a balance between the rear and front suspension.

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    I hit some decent sized drop offs with the fork after taking out one token. The compression dial was 5 clicks in. I used all but about 5mm of the travel on the biggest hit.

    There wasn't any chop so I'm not sure about small bump compliance. If I lose any, my next step will be to drop a couple of psi.

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