Fox 34 Rhythm - can it be improved?-
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    Fox 34 Rhythm - can it be improved?

    My 2019 Fox Rhythm (came on my Trance 29er 2) is not a bad fork overall, but I was hoping the fork can be tuned or upgraded to get more performance out of it.
    The Rhythm is quite smooth and subtle at lower speed, but it struggles over fast impacts, the fork gets uncomfortable, no matter how I adjust the pressure or rebound, it just can't keep up with faster hits.

    What are the options with the Fox Rhythm? Changing the Air Shaft to the EVOL version; probably the cheapest way of tuning the fork, but will it fit the non EVOL Rhythm? The more expensive option would be to look at the damper, but again I am not sure if I can drop a Fit4 damper assembly into the Rhythm.
    I have looked online, but I could not find a definitive answer.

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    You might have better luck with this question in the suspension section. But my advice, as someone who knows a little about the brand and industry but isn't really a suspension expert, is I would call Fox and see what their internal options are, and then talk to Push or someone similar and see what they say, and weigh your options from there.

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    Thanks Cotharyus.....I will ask the question over in the suspension forum

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