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    Bar and Stem Length

    Hey everyone, I recently got a 2020 Specialized fuse comp in a large, and iím planning on getting new bars and a new stem soon, because i want to get carbon bars, and i want to customize my new bike a bit. So I was wondering about what stem length to get. The current length i have is 45mm and it is alright, but I donít know whether to go to a 40mm stem or to go up to a 50mm stem. Would i notice the differences, and what would you guys recommend. The stem iíve been looking is a raceface aeffect 35 r stem: I just donít know whether to get a 40mm or 50mm. As for bars, I currently have 780mm bars, and I donít know whether to go wider to 800mm or to go to 760mm. I might also add and i think i said it before, but I am planning on getting carbon bars, particularly the raceface next bars which are 760mm wide and have 20mm rise: Also, is 10mm or 20mm rose better? Based on my setup, what bar and stem combo is best, upgrading from what I have? Thanks!

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    I would ride it for awhile to really get a feel for what YOU think is needed. You may find what it comes with stock is perfect. Once you get a bike that's the proper fit, the fine tuning is very personal. There's no right or wrong, these small details are specific to each individual's physical makeup combined with the geometry of the particular bike in question. 5mm is less than 1/4" so you are talking about very small differences.

    Changing components just to 'customize' is a different story...all it takes is $!
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    Are you trying to correct a fit or handling issue, change ride characteristics, or is the change purely aesthetic? Answers to these questions will guide your decisions.

    You can slide your controls in a bit to simulate the narrower bar and see if that works for you before buying narrower bars. If you are trying to keep the fit roughly the same and you decide to go with narrower bars, the longer stem is probably the best bet, while longer bars would probably mean going with the shorter stem. The amount of sweep and rise will also affect the decision. Maybe a local LBS or a friend can loan you some bars and stems to try and confirm size before laying down the cash.

    Ultimately, if the fit and handling are already spot on with the current set up, keep looking until you find replacememt items in your desired material that match those dimensions exactly, and don't settle for something "close".

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    ride for a month and see where you might like bars to go, and if your happy with width

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    I don't think you'll notice much going from 45mm to a 50mm or 40mm.

    I went from 60mm to 50mm with a 780mm handlebar and it was a little better for me but I felt it was still a little slow responding.

    I rode that for a month to get a good feel for it but I knew I wanted something a bit more responsive. I switched to a 35mm with an older 740mm bar I had kicking around. Much more responsive but a little twitchy at times at the start. It's been about 2wks now and I've gotten a good feel for this setup. I think a 760mm bar would be perfect on that 35mm stem and for the kind of trails I ride.

    As other pointed out, ride the trails and bike parks for a good 3-4wks before deciding. You never know, you might be fine without having to spend money, but by then, you should have a good idea of what you need ie. quicker steering or move your balance point or fine tune your reach etc.

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    For the trails I ride the most 760 is about as wide as I can go, lots of trees and narrow spaces. I like to ride a little more upright so I go with a 20mm rise. And my stem length of choice is 60mm, only because I feel itís the right balance for climbing and descending for me. Everybodyís torso and arms are different so there really is no right or wrong way to go.

    I once tried a 35mm stem with a 800mm bar and hated it.
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    Only you can tell what will work for you-----you have not really said more than once that you just do not know-----so you should ride until you do----for sure I would not buy carbon parts w/o being sure. Usually one would change the setup to get a better fit --you may experiment with the 760 bar width by moving your current grips in and maybe with rise by playing with the spacers on the stem----if you have any on top and flipping them. Note an inch is 25.4 mm----so a 5 mm change in stem is not much

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