anyone had a chance to try both HD trailstar and Minion DHF 3c back to back-
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    anyone had a chance to try both HD trailstar and Minion DHF 3c back to back

    probably the 2 biggest and burliest full AM tires on the market. one is heavy, the other extremely so. real world opinions on a comparison of both is appreciated.

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    Subbing for curiosity. High Roller 2 or DHF is going to be my next front tire since Maxxis tires just plain work in any SE riding conditions.

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    I have. The Minion DHF is pretty much how I remembered the 26" version to be, awesome cornering grip etc. I'm using a DHR2 as a rear tyre, it matches it pretty well. They aren't the fastest rolling tyre ever but for me the extra grip is worth it. I don't think they are much slower rolling than the HD (which I used both front and rear for a while before I got the Minions) but I think the cornering grip and general traction is noticably better than the HD.

    The other thing with Minions generally is that the transition to the edge blocks on the tyre is much more noticable than the HD (which has more transition blocks). I prefer this because then you know when you have the edge of the tyre working. It does mean that you have to lean the bike over properly into corners, otherwise you have very little grip. I've never found this to be a problem though.

    As far as weight goes-neither tyre is light but I don't think that's a problem for what these things are made for- i.e. all mountain/enduro riding with an emphasis on having fun downhill. I want as much grip as I can get and a casing that's not going to tear up. At the moment I think the DHF is the best tyre for 29ers in that respect. (I'm interested in that new Schwalbe Magic Mary though)

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    I've switched from the HD front / 2.35 Nobby Nic rear combo to the DHF front / DHR II rear. I think that maybe the Minions are fractionally slower rolling but the grip in the chunk is in another class. I really like the HD, it's a super predictable tire, great volume and nice levels of grip in a range of conditions. The Minon requires a more aggressive approach, you need get over the front a bit more and really lean the bike over to get the best from it but when you get it right the speed with which you can rail turns is awesome. I felt like I ws starting to find the (very predicable) limits of the HD but the DHF wants more and more and I have funny feeling I'm not good enough or brave enough to find the limits of this tire.

    As an aside I'm also really enjoying the High Roller II front and rear on my other bike, narrower that the HD and I'm pretty sure faster rolling but comparable levels of grip as far as I can tell. The fact is that for the first time we've got options in terms of proper trail tires and with the Magic Mary coming in a Super Gravity casing things are only going to get better.

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    thanks for the replies. i'll almost certainly put the DHF on for when the rainy season begins but i'm enjoying moderately 'lightish' tires at the moment. using the Spesh Butcher front and Purg in back and the Butcher is impressively fast rolling and quite grippy. i've been trying to go light (let's face it, light is playfun and fun, doubly so in tech riding on a heavy 29er) but there are limits when you're riding moist technical trails a la coastal BC. certainly these new monster tires the DHF in particular have found an immediate fan base with some of the hard charging north shore guys on their long travel 29ers. they call them game changers when pushing limits, and i think these guys really are given the terrain and shore trail system. same with some of the south west riders and their intense rock environments. here the name of the game is compound and finding traction when it's wet on rock/loam/root, and it's ever the challenge. as far as roots go, i've given up blaming tires, if i loose it on wet roots, i rely on surfing and bailing skills!

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    Just to clarify, has anyone ridden the 3C? I haven't seen them available. I've been riding the DHF/DHR2 for about a month now, but dual compound. I live in Montana, so aside from post-rain hero dirt, most of my conditions are dry, ranging from hardpack to loose rubble. Not many roots.

    I rode a couple pairs of HDs (Trailstar x2 and then TS/PS) last year, but then I put on some WTB Dissents during a desert trip last fall, and kept them on until I got the Minions. So while I've ridden both, I haven't ridden them back-to-back. I liked the HDs (knob wear aside), and also found them really predictable. However, the DHF in front is playing on a whole different level, especially in the loose rubble. Improving my cornering is priority #1 at the moment (sessioning some turns is the plan for today, in fact), and I can tell that I need to drive these harder than the HDs. The DHR2 drifts nicely and predictably, but the reason I'm drifting it in the first place is that I don't have the tires leaned over enough. Speaking of the DHR2, the weight is within a few grams of a Hans Dampf. The casing volume is slightly smaller.

    I was also excited to see the Magic Mary announcement. I'll definitely give them a try at some point. There's a whole boatload of tires coming on line for 29ers that I'm excited to finally get my hands on.

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    Had been riding the HD Trailstar front and NN Pacestar rear since March. Put the DHF's (front and rear) on ~2-3 weeks ago. From what I can tell, not any slower rolling, and massively greater amounts of grip with regards to both climbing and cornering. Braking; I have no complaints with either.

    This is for Arizona, New Mexico and Utah riding. Hardpack, loose over hard, rocks + loose over hard and a trip down Porcupine.

    On another note, just rode a Chunky Monkey in the front for the first time. The rubber is a bit softer than my 62A/60A DHF's but I was impressed in my short ride none-the-less.
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