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    Xc wheels on big bike = trail bike?

    I am a proud owner of a Starling Murmur but and a Cotic Soul 26. Due to a change of home I have to reduce the amount of space dedicated to bikes and would like to get rid of the Soul.

    My local riding is very XCish but I enjoy going up to tharn hills on a big bike. The soul isnít really suited to the big mountain stuff so I was wondering about getting a set of spare wheels and putting some light fast rubber on them so I could switch them out accoring to the riding style.

    Has anyone ever tried anything similar?

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    Maybe not quite as extreme but I have an lighter wheelset for my Ibis Ripley (only 120mm travel) for XC racing and then a standard wheelset for the normal riding. The light set is only Stand Arch EX so not solely XC territory, i do put XC tyres on, but I am looking to build up some lightweight carbon rims and wondering how light is reasonable to go... also curious what limit others might take it to
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    I mean, sure, you can have lighter wheels for lighter duty days and heavier wheels for heavier duty days. But putting light wheels on a big bike won't make the bike into something it isn't. It'll still be a bigger bike...just one with lighter duty wheels that will be easy to destroy if you forget to put on the big boy wheels for a big boy ride.

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    Yeah. You could. But honestly, I wouldn't bother. If you like the bike, just keep it as is and save the money. If you change the bike then go ride in something bigger, even if you change it back, you'll have changed the feel, and it might trip you up, or slow you down enough to make make it not as much fun as you'd hoped. Maybe if there's a happy medium that you'd be happy with in both places - a set of tires on the wheels you already have that might roll a little faster but not compromise you on the chunky stuff. But that's as far as I'd go.

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    This question is right up my alley since I own a murmur as well. At first I wen't full enduro (never go full enduro) with a coil shock, coil fork, heavy 2.6 high volume front tire, etc. The murmur was an absolute beast pointed down; but tame trails, climbing, traversing suffered.

    I have since gone back to air shock and lighter 2.4 tires and the bike is much more lively, rolls and climbs much better without much dh sacrifice. With the murmur you can go in either direction to make it either a trail bike, or a fully capable enduro bike.

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