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    X-Post Save Some Weight : 8.6kg XL 29" bike (long)

    Much the same spec as in the pic, now with a 9spd alu cassette, stan's rims, Soul-Kozak rear hub, Planet-X disc front (but used with same V brakes).
    I've got ca 600g Specialized Fast Trak 29x2.0's (huge) mounted tubeless on the older style 390g Stan's ZTR rims. Stupid light rear hub and spokes (Revos). I know, I know...but I was cheap.
    Bathroom scale says 8.5-8.6kg, which seems right in Excel (8631g including tire air and grease). Pictured as Singlespeed it was 50-100g heavier actually, due to more basic wheels.

    My cheap old digiam refuses, so no new pic. Imagine an Ultegra derailer on there and a SRAM Rocket. Oh, and a Rohloff guide where a front derailer would go.

    My previous lightest fat tire bike was a VooDoo 26", with 595g fork and sub-400g tires, 8.7kg
    My CX racer (Zipp Carbon tubular wheels) once hit 8.2kg, now 8.7kg.
    Somewhere this season the Cube bike will match that 8.2, but obviously with much thicker tires.

    Some specs :
    Fork - WaltWorks Proto, extra light tubing. 470x43mm, incl starnut, 849g
    Frame - Cube proto, 22", Triple Butted 7005, 73/72 angles, Ti canti studs, 1750g
    Seat - Limited edition Cube 10 Year Anniversary, by AX Lightness, 124g
    Rear wheel - Soul-Kozak non-disc, DT Revo's, Stan's ZTR355 : 735g
    Front wheel - Planet-X Dog, DT Comps, Stan's ZTR355 : 813g
    Handlebar - Salsa Motoace cut ~625mm : 185g!!
    Alu cassette - some have broken this type, ouch : 115g
    Seatpost - Thomson 410x31.6mm : 236g
    Chain - SRAM PC-971 106 links to be ready for 11-32 cassette : 273g
    Brake Levers : XT with alu bolts and removed adjuster bolts : 157g
    Brakes : Vuelta's with alu bolt kit all-in : 242g.
    RD : Ultegra with some alu bolts and removed barrel : 209g

    Planned upgrades :
    - 380mm USE Alien alu with Cyclops clamp : 190g (-46g)
    - Soul-Kozak/Stan's front wheel : 600g (-213)
    - Kenda Karma 29x2.2" tires : 1060g (-140g)
    - Stan's The Cros rear tire : 500g (-30g)
    - Salsa ProMoto Carbon 660x11ยบ : 140g (-45g)
    - Maybe sometime ti axles for my TwinTi's (-45g)
    - Maybe a KMC X10 SL : 230g (-43g)
    - Bottle cage : +68g (gonna do that right now, will be a hard day tomorrow otherwise.)
    - Some other top ring for my FA headset. This one's solid and 33g. I want a lower one, who knows what to order?

    I have not even rolled the bike. No idea whether the tubeless setup will hold. The front didn't leak a single drop of the 60g moldbuilder mix I put in there. The rear needed a gas station compression to inflate, and as I had already tried with soap, it was a bit of a mess. Seems to hold, for now.
    Tomorrow, a race! My first running event in 2 decades, a Run-Bike-Run over 4-10-2km. If I do okay, I'm done within the hour. Hoping for 55min actually, with this bike surely I have to beat last year's fastest bike-split?
    The bike as pictured was also built the night before Oct 30th it won me my 2nd Dutch SS title. Believe, it rocks. Nothing faster on tight singletrack. Mostly due to a minor design "mistake" on my part in the frame :-) Really it was supposed to be more alround.

    Enough blah, need to go to sleep now. Hoping for to have a big latex party tomorrow, I want to finish nicely and am really stupid to even try this setup. Then, better to try now than when the MTB season starts...

    Happy trails,


    PS. I aimed for a 10% bike weight this year. Meaning, bike 10% of me. For some reason I'm getting lighter and lighter lately. Lowest ever this morning, 78.9kg. Weird. Haven't done much training, and eating my normal dose of pizza/beer/chips.


    Wow, the bike held up! All I adjusted was raise the seat 1cm (it lowered on the last ride in Oct, and I never corrected.).
    Tires keep air reasonably, not superbly. But did ride superbly. Man does this bike fly!
    After the 4km I was too wasted to really pedal agressive to notice the light wheels, but it handles at least as light as my lightest 26" bike ever (see above).
    The Fast Trak are already more than decent tires tubed, and tubeless they just are a step better.

    The 4km I finished around 18th or so, on the 10km bike ride I overtook some 10 people, and I finished a lone 8th. Although, my final 2km run was really conservative (lazy, didn't feel like causing cramps/pain) so a group of runners was right behind me at the finish line. I just never looked back all race. 53min total, not bad, 3rd recreational rider, the other 5 were professional <18 triathlon athletes.

    This Run-Bike-Run thing is FUN! In a painful way, much like Cyclo-Cross. Man do you feel crap on bumpy singletrack right after the transition! Legs feel much like in the last hour of a marathon. No explosive power left, but also no exceptional pain. Hard to go fast, at least to me, didn't reach heart rates I planned.
    Good thing those recreational triathletes can't ride a bike. At least the ones I managed to catch up with. No-one overtook me on the bike ride, can't wait to see my split times. The winner may have been a bit faster, not being held up on the first lap's singletracks. I even had a lady passing me in the first transition. Many seemed to prefer toe clips over swapping shoes. I found it well worth the 5-10s extra transition time to swap shoes, the ~27min bike ride sure asks for good shoes.

    And to think that I've got some upgrades planned to make it even lighter!

    Sorry to bore you.

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    that saddle looks SUPER comfortable . You must have a carbon fiber arse to match you saddle in order to ride it.

    seriously don't your twig and berries start start to go numb on that thing? Pretty awesome that it is as light as it is though.
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    Don't be fooled. The seat is quite nice really. That is some serious padding on there. The seat without padding would be well under 100g, quite flexible. More so than my 220g Flite, that's for sure.
    I'm quite "anal" when it comes to seat comfort, since I don't log that many miles, or even kilometers. I'm rather lazy than tired, and live in the least motivating riding area and climate on earth.
    I'd say this particular AX Lightness saddle (heaviest I've ever heard of) is more comfortable than the SLR and maybe even Flite TT (mine broke).
    If I get into comfort problem, I can always buy a plastic 31.6>27.2mm shim, and use a Moots ti post. Oh, if that works with my seat rails, that is.

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