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    WTB Nanoraptor availability

    I was pleasantly supprised to find that Speedgoat has Wire Beaded Nanoraptors available. Just got mine delivered. They are the green stripped version with the new "DNA" rubber. Paid $30 each. They said their supplier has about 50 of them. I thought I would not be able to get them anymore, and was glad to be wrong. Just thought I'd pass it along.

    Slapped em on my stans rims with stans strips, tight fit, no soap, just pump em up! NO KABOOM! I still love this tire. Fast, Quiet, and enough grip for the hardpack that I normaly ride, and the Steel bead lets me sleep at night.

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    dude, you HAVE to use soap, especially with stans fragile rim strips. The point of the soap is not for the seal, but so that your tire bead slips into the hooks properly and doesn't ruin your rim strip. I guarantee you will be replacing your strips in short order if you don't lube them up very well. Otherwise, you are right, no worries with the wire bead.

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    Good point, Thanks.

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