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    Whyte Mountain Bikes

    Hello everyone, first post!

    I have a Trek Marlin 29er 2012. I was thinking of selling it and getting a better bike. Although I think my current bike is good, I would like a lighter frame. Maybe around 1000. Has anyone got a Whyte mountain bike experiences/own one? My local Cycles UK shop have a few of this brand, but I am not really familiar with Whyte. Is there a bike in the Trek range that someone could maybe recommend as the next step up ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Whyte are a small UK company that are involved with the frame design of Marin & obviously there own range of bikes. Since the founder Jon Whyte retired in 2009 they have upped there own range of bike & are now markedly different to the Marin range (withstanding the last of the 146's currently on sale)

    The big difference you should bear in mind is the warranty. Whyte is a 2year, with option to register to add a further 2years, vs trek lifetime. This is obviously due to them being small setup, not a lack of faith in their products. This is also born out in there kit/spec level, trek have the whole economies of scale on there side & so will be a slightly higher spec level. Again Whyte have done there best..

    I'm gunna assume your looking at the Whyte 629, as this priced at the 1000 - if you look round you'll find the 2013 model being discounted, as they've bought the 2014 range in early -the *29 range are exactly the same for 2014 (use this as a bargaining tool with your LBS). I test rode a 729 & it was enough to convince me to buy a 929 (shorter chain stayed & slacker 120mm version of the 5/6/729), as I instantly felt right on it. Test rides are the only real way for you to decide if this is the case for you. My only complaint about the 729 was that I felt the stand over was poor (top tube too high). They have a more trail bike geometry than the majority of 29er hard tails on the market, this may or may not be what your looking for?
    Love my bike, but everyone does, don't they.. Ive had it around 7 months, & don't have any issues to report. Frame quality & whyte branded components are very good, having stood up to my unsubtle treatment well & I've no felt the need to replace anything, all except the horribly thin grips that were dumped ASAP.

    As for the Trek, seemingly the obvious thoughts are that you'd look at their 'trail' 29er the Stache? This comes in at 1300, but might be available discounted. I'd suggest that there very similar handling bikes going by the geo, & owner reviews I've seen, but has 120mm travel vs 100mm on the whyte 629. Don't know enough about your riding style or Trek's 29er range to talk about them further other than to say they do a 100mm 29er too of a more classic XC style

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