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    Who's got time on a Reba XX 29 fork?

    i have ridin' a 09 reba sl (nice, feels good) and a 2007 lefty dlr2 (stiff, supple).

    i am thinking i'd like a remote lockout on my bars for the ss so i am looking at the;
    manitou minute 100 with milo
    reba race 100 pushloc
    reba xx 100 with xloc

    i'd run any of the fork above forks with a 9mm dt rws to help stiffen things up.

    i like the lefty but to be honest, i am kinda hating having to perform bearing reset every 3-4 rides....

    what is the deal with the reba xx? it isn't a whole lot more that the minute milo or a reba race pushloc. is it much lighter than a reba race? is the xloc just a fancy hydro lockout?

    any performance benefit of the reba xx over a regular sl or race for those who have time on other rebas and the xx fork?


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    My understanding is the XX is identical to the Team except for the hydraulic lockout.

    The difference between the Team and Race/SL is the damper. BlackBox for the Team and regular Motion Control for the Race/SL.

    The difference between the Race and SL is the Race has externally adjustable floodgate. SL has the same floodgate adjustment, but requires the use of a wrench or something to adjust.

    Excluding lockout options, I think they are all the same weight. The XX lockout is supposed to be a bit lighter than the Pushloc/Poploc.

    Disclaimer: I have not ridden any of these. This is simply what my research has turned up, as I am also in the market for a fork

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1speed1der
    Who's got time on a Reba XX 29 fork?
    I put one on my new Niner One9 single speed last week. So far, it rocks!

    The lockout is really cool. Because it's a single speed I was able to mount the lockout on the right side, under the bars- where it's more ergonomic to reach than on the left and over the bars. I love the little push button, it's an improvement over the old one.

    The ride out of the box was supple, I expect it will improve when broken in but it's already pretty good. Good enough to compare favorably to the 2008 Fox F29RLC 100mm on my other bike.

    I have about 8 hours of riding time on it already and I'm really happy with it as a single speed fork, the lockout gets used every single time I stand which is frequently on that bike. Wouldn't mind having one on my geared hardtail too- having a lockout as convenient and efficient as this one really makes it useful.

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    I to was in the market for a fork. I went with the XX for the lockout mechanism alone. From what I have heard from a local racer (and also from a team guy on here I believe), the mechanism is far superior to the old poploc.

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    I've got the Epic Marathon 29 with the Reba team lower (with titanium damper FWIW) and I've asked my LBS about getting the Xloc for it. Apparently it will require the purchase of a XX damper to get the Xloc. Otherwise it is compatible with the pushloc.

    I just called the shop to ask what the cost of the XX damper and Xloc would be. If it's not too much it's going on there.

    I don't know if that would make the fork a XX in disguise?

    I'll report back.

    As for the ride. I really like it. I have no experience with any other current fork though except the first generation of the 29er Reba.


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    Hey Goneskiian, Did you get a cost on the XX damper and Xloc from your shop?

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    Time on them for almost a year. Team got them in April last year so have a fair amount of time with them.

    Essentially a Reba Team but instead of the Push-loc, the hydro X-loc. The X-loc saves ya 60g's over the Push-loc and it is so buttery smooth. You still have the Gate control which is up on the lever itself making changes while riding very easy if so desired. I'll add we have not seen one leaking seal or o'ring on any of the forks. Solid performance and durability.


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