• 08-01-2005
    What kinda air pressure for a clyde.
    I usually don't pay that much attention to how much I'm running. If I can't squish the tire too much with the fingers, I figure its fine and go with it.

    I was on a ride yesterday and took the time before hand to top the tires off to 55lbs. Big mistake. I kept washing out and seemed to have a problem following the line I wanted.

    Anyways, what kinda tire pressure are clydes on 29's running. How low is safe before I have to start worrying about pinch flats.

    I've been on rooty single track, no rocks. I'm about 235.

    If it matters I'm running bontragers jones ACX (?) with tubes.

  • 08-01-2005
    I'd start about 45 psi. And go from there. It is easier to let out air than add it. My guess is somewhere between 40 and 45 psi will make you happy.
  • 08-01-2005
    I'm 218#'s but with all my riding gear & my pack loaded for a long solo ride (water, food, water filter, extra clothing & ect.) I must be over 245#.

    I run 32-33psi front and 37-39psi rear depending on how rocky the trails are.

  • 08-01-2005
    I'm 225lbs at present.

    I find that 42psi is just right for me.

    If I know ahead of time that its serious shard rocky pinch-flat-prone trail, I'll run it up to 44-45 psi.

    When I'm down at my "fighting weight" of mid/lower 190's, I"ll run 39-40..

    Personal results may vary.
  • 08-01-2005

    Originally Posted by ncj01
    When I'm down at my "fighting weight" of mid/lower 190's, I"ll run 39-40..

    Personal results may vary.

    That is my current weight and pressure (lower in the front). (2.1 IRC's)

    I was thinking that the tires make a different sort of noise
    when rolling over obstructions when the pressure is right ...

  • 08-01-2005
    This was a big adjustment for me as well.

    I'm 215 lbs. with no gear at all. Probably 10 lbs. more with.
    I run 38-40 psi. with Notos tires. Any less and my tire feels squirmy and I have to be carefull not to ding rims etc. Much more psi and it wants to slide out.

    I used to run around 50 on 26" wheels and 38 with tubeless 26ers.
  • 08-01-2005
    220#, run 45 front and back, dropping to 38-40 in the muddy stuff.

    ACX are good tires, but the meatiness of Exi is cool for the big boys if you don't mind the weight. The heavier sidewalls make me happy, but my latent weight weenie-ism makes me run the Ignitors. (which I loooove)
  • 08-01-2005
    211# - 38-40 psi on my KM, Ignitors with tubes. 30-32 psi on my Lenz, Ignitors tubeless/ Stans. Alot of rocks and roots.