Trek Superfly FS 8 vs. Trek Superfly 9.6 (other suggestions welcomed)-
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    Trek Superfly FS 8 vs. Trek Superfly 9.6 (other suggestions welcomed)

    I'm a long time road cyclist who is finally jumping into the mountain biking scene as I've recently moved to a region where all my coworkers/friends are trail-lovers.

    My LBS here in Little Rock stocks Trek, and after some browsing for bikes in my price range (~$2500), I've narrowed my choices down to the similarly-priced Superfly 9.6 and the Superfly FS 8. The Fuel EX 7 29 is also in my price range.

    Now where I'm stuck is whether or not I really need a FS bike. Trails out here can get fairly rough, so I've heard, and my coworkers are split between FS and carbon hardtails. If I do go with the FS 8, other than weight, will I be sacrificing quality components as well?

    I imagine there will be close to 10 lbs difference between the 9.6 and FS 8. For road cycling that weight difference is huge, but I'm not sure how significant it will be for trail riding.

    Also, buying Trek is not a must for me. There is a shop nearby that stocks Orbea/Niner/Santa Cruz (which seem quite a bit pricier), and another with Giant/Specialized. If anyone can recommend something from them I would really appreciate that too.

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    The best option is to demo on trail when Trek has a Factory Demo Day or two in your area. I went both days for 9 hours total and got a good chance to compare bikes.
    It was also at my home trails, which helped. I ride the 9.6 frame with my own parts mix. It is kind of unique. It has been engineered for noticeable vertical rear compliance with the input from Trek's carbon road bike group. It has very dialed quick turning geo.
    A direct competitor is the Orbea Alma M50. This current version has increased vertical rear compliance and a slackened head tube angle. It's in your price range.

    Changing the stock wheelset to a wide rim(30mm inside) adds more compliance, comfort and traction climbing and cornering. FS in the 100-120mm range isn't necessary for me now.

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    I do not think it will be a 10lb difference between those Trek's. I had a SF Al Pro and it weighed in at 27lbs with Stans Crest rims and was a blast to ride. IMO these days with the lock out options I prefer to have a fs bike so if it gets rough I have it if I need it. You alos get both Thru axles on the SF 8 .....and all shimano componets...

    Either way you cant go wrong....the lighter weight is nice but if you really like it you can always get something better later on. I love my SF 9.8SL FS....

    My current SF FS 9.8SL with all XT compared to my AL Pro FS SF with all XT the difference in weight was 2.5lbs which is nothing .

    Best thing to do is what eb1888 wait for a demo day ...that way you can compare them back to back within the same hour....dont rush into it.

    Good luck !!

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    I picked up a 2014 SF FS 8 last Saturday after looking at and test riding a few bikes. It's an awesome ride!

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    I too had to choose between two Trek models, the Superfly FS8 and the Fuel EX8. These are obviously different choices we had to make but I also chose the SF FS8. After riding this thing, just a few times now, am extremely pleased with my selection. My only concern with the bike is that I feel I want a more aggressive front tire for higher speed cornering. Am also looking at narrowing the bars a bit, tree gates at a local trail have already tore up both grips. So, in closing, congratulations on picking up what I consider an awesome bike.

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