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    tire choice for VQ

    I am undecided about tire choice for the Vision Quest run in March. I might ride my rigid ss, or my geared. I never have done this ride, so I am looking for help. i have tubeless rims on both. 355s on the geared, and flows on the ss. Cheers

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    i am not riding vq this year, but i do ride different parts of the vq course often and just rode blackstar/motorway/maple/santiago peak/maple this past thurs training for the julian death march....

    my fav tire combo for this area is the specialized captain up front and a fast trak rear. i run tubes right now, so i am running the "control" verison of these tires.

    specialized makes 2bliss control versions as well that should work well with your stans rims.

    if you are riding rigid, i have always loved the control of the rampage. yea, it is a little heavy and "old and played out", but this tire is very stable and i have never had problems with it on trabuco or motorway....the spec. captain is basically a racier (narrower, lighter,less volume) version of the rampage.

    i also have used the bontrager tlr 29-3 2.25 front tire and have had good results with that. the 29-3 exp 1.9 tlr i would leave at home....it feels like you are riding marbles when on the loose/gravel over hardpack on the main divide.

    i am 6'1, 170, smooth/flowy style rider and ride a 29er ss. if you are much bigger than me, then i would suggest tires with more volume than the 2.0 control and fast trak....
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    I'm thinking Stan's Raven 2.0 (R), Maxxis Crossmark (F) or alternatively Bontrager XR (F).

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    For the experienced racers...:

    Does tire choice matter that much on an endurance race with varying terrain?

    Most 29er tires are XC oriented anyway. I can't imagine that there is anything that will be faster than my everyday Captain/Sagauro combo. Maybe Small Blocks, but I would think that would slow me down on the loose climbs and downhill.

    Now rigid SS or geared is the big question. I think it is a bit late to start training.

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    Ask yer bud Pacman. This is what he ran last year.

    I can tell you that I did notice alot of Racing Ralphs at the finish line, but I would certainly run the SnakeSkin versions.

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    I just got my new RR2.25 snakeskins in. I love them I hope they will work

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