This is a test-
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    This is a test

    Hope this works.
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    Yup. It worked.
    Now I want a close up of your stem with the riser for the dropbar. I have been thinking about something similar though not on a Softride.
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    Hey need more info. I have a aluminum solftride in my parts bin and would love to use it some where. Please give more photos and information.
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    Softride Riser

    I hope this turns out ok. I'm new at posting pictures.
    About the stem. Chuck at Pacific Coast Cycles designed the riser piece and had a local guy machine them. Chuck has always liked the softride stem and this lets you ride drop bars with the softride, but only the aluminum as the cro-mo doesnt come apart like the alum. The shop has sold quite a few over the years. I think he is still having them made as I was covering for Chuck at the shop today and saw one new in the bag waiting for a stem to call home. I will try to get a better picture for you soon.
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    Screw the stem! What about the bike?! Tell us more about that, eh?
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    Looks like it will work to me
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    About the bike

    I had been working with Chuck at Pacific Coast Cycles when he got into 29ers. I remember when he first saw them at Wes' booth at interbike he came back and that was all he could think about. He said he had seen them and on the drive back from Vegas to Carlsbad he kept thinking Big Wheels. I tell him it's because he was driving his little old bug and being passed by semis and seeing those big wheels pass by his window. Anyway as soon as Wes got back from the show Chuck ordered his New Sheriff, and he totally loves it. He has been pushing 29ers at his shop ever since. He feels everyone should be riding them or at least give them a try. He really would like for someone to bring out a more affordable 29er, he has 3 Monkey's on the floor right now. So being around so many 29ers of course I was inspired to build one up. I was also inspired at the show years before at the Salsa booth when they showed off a Stainless Steel La Raza. So I sourced out the Columbus Stainless Tube set and had a friend that is a Bmx frame builder to build my frame. He and I had worked a trade I supply the parts to build him a bike and he builds me a frame. When it came to the fork I used a Ritchey 26 inch susp. corrected and moved the bosses it has worked out really well. I have been riding it for about a year and a half and am totally digging the 29 inch wheels. I have been wanting to show the bike off to you all before but didnt know how to post pictures and was to lazy to learn. This is where the story takes a sad turn. About a month ago a friend was visiting here from Sitka Ak. and I was showing him the bike and as I was showing it off he noticed a crack in the bottom of the key hole of the seat tube. I'm thinking about fixing it but in the mean time am waiting on a Soulcraft Holy Roller that I will transfer the parts to.

    Time for the spec.

    Frame- Stainless
    Fork- Ritchey 26 inch susp. corrected with the bosses moved
    Wheels- Xt hubs/Dyad rims 36 hole cross 2 in front 3/2 in rear
    Der.- Xt 8 speed front and rear
    Cranks- Ritchey logic 170's
    B.B.- Shimano somthing or other
    Headset- King
    Seat- Wtb
    H-Bar- Wtb
    Shifters-Shimano 8 speed bar cons
    Brake levers-Dia-Comp 287v
    Tires- Nano Raptors
    Stem- Aluminum Softride with PCC riser

    Hope you enjoy.
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    I enjoy. Stainless, wow!
    You make my rides look like mainstream junk.
    ore power to you, great build.
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    Just weld that little crack

    That crack is easily repairable. Just have your buddy drill a hole at the end of the crack to distribute the stress and then weld it up, including the hole. Ream the seat tube and refinish the affected area. Nice ride though. I remember Wes at that Interbike. Those bikes he had were the most fun I had ever had on a Mountain Bike. I wanted one, but was in college and couldn't afford a custom frame. So I waited until last year and bought a Karate Monkey. I thought Disc friendly 29er SS, The trifecta. Since that time one year ago, I have gotten rid of all my 26inch junk including a Moots Hardtail.

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