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    Tallboy 4 or Hightower 2?

    I'm currently on the fence about getting the new Tallboy or the new Hightower. I'm typically a XC rider and have a SC Blur that I absolutely love. But, looking to try adding in some more downhill/technical riding.

    I had a Tallboy 3, but it felt a little bit limiting on some of the trails in the Sierras. I really like the Hightower, but worried that it's too much bike for all the uphill riding around the Bay Area. I'm one to ride the uphills and not take a shuttle. I also don't have plans to do any big jumps, etc.

    Will the new Tallboy 4 feel that much different from the Tallboy 3? Or, should I try something new with the Hightower.

    Appreciate any suggestions or related experience. Thanks!

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    Tallboy 4 is ludicrously long low and slack. Way different than the 3. Definitely not a trail bike by my definition. More of a short travel enduro bike.
    What, me worry?

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    Heh, I'm sure people were saying the same thing about the last tallboy, and probably the one before that too.

    With your "downhill/tech" riding, if your emphasis is on going as fast as possible over the rough stuff then the extra travel of the HT will be what you're after. If you're more inclined to be picky with your choice of line and are willing to sacrifice some of that "plowability" for some playfulness and slightly more efficient climbing then maybe the Tallboy is what you're after. I'm sure the HT will still climb well enough [for the sort of bike it is] and things like tyre choice will probably have more of an overall difference in efficiency than the difference between the two models.

    Probably the best suggestion is to demo them both, only you can know for sure which one will suit your riding the best!

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    I suggest you check out this thread for more feedback about the bikes, it deals with the same question: https://forums.mtbr.com/santa-cruz/2...a-1112367.html

    If you call yourself an XC rider and are only going to now do slightly more technical stuff and don't do jumps, etc. than I will guess you will want the tallboy. The best answer is to demo both bikes though and see for yourself which one you like!

    The new hightower is a more stable, compliant bike and I can guess that the tallboy will be a lot more lively, IDK how it compares to your current tallboy (never ridden either tallboy) but I expect the new tallboy will be a lot more capable than the old while if you are looking for something just a bit more capable than your current tallboy, the new hightower may be overkill for you. Personally I had a short travel bike before (125mm) and prefer the new hightower but I also have different riding preference than you I think.

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    I spent the summer contemplating the same things. I'm not a racer or very fast but my local trails are flat and no rocks. I love going to Colorado to ride XC trails. I thought I would get the new tallboy but it turns out to be a lot like the 2019 Hightower and the new Hightower seems like a really great bike just more bike than I need. so I'm going with a 2019 tallboy on close out. I may still buy a Hightower one day but for the majority of my riding the V3 TB seems to be the choice for me.
    I've watched lots of youtube vids and there are people riding some sick stuff on the tallboy so I know it's a more than capable bike for me since I don't ever ride such gnarly terrain.

    good luck with your choice

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