So i'm looking to upgrade from my Trek 820 and i've come down to deciding on two bikes, the Kona Lana'i and the Trek Marlin 5, i'm leaning more towards the Lana'i at the moment just because it's more upgrade able in the future mostly because of the tapered headset so that way i could upgrade to a nice fork like a Fox or Rockshox 30 Gold, but if i were to get the Marlin my local bike shop does trade ins on bikes and my friend works there so he said that he might be able to get me a discount adn he says the the Geometry of the Marlin would probably suit me better. My main concern is can i swap the headset on the Marlin for a tapered one? I've also seen some straight to tapered headset adapters like the one below online, do any of you guys have any experience with using these and if so how did they work out for you?