• 01-30-2018
    Surly Ogre Large or X Large for an upright positioning ?

    I completed a long benchmark and ended up willing to buy a Surly Ogre for my next bike.

    My point is I want to be as upright as possible (for a safer commute and less back pain).

    I am 1m89/6.2" and the Surly bike chart indicates that I can ride either a L or a XL.

    For an upright position, I gather that I need the highest stack, and the lowest reach...
    XL provides the highest stack (632 vs 613)
    L provides the lowest reach (427 vs. 447)

    :confused: So at the end of the day, I don't know which one will be best?

    (also, if you know some good and cheap riser bars and stems, I am eagerly listening)

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  • 01-30-2018
    You need your inseam comparison as well as height. Are your legs long or short for your height? Shorter legs means a longer torso and you generally need more reach. The L reach is fairly short by current standards for trail riding.
    Some fit things for a more upright position include using a shorter stem and using riser bars with 12* rear sweep vs. 9*.
    Back comfort includes fitness. Strengthening programs can get you there. Here's a hip stretch video.--https://www.pinkbike.com/news/loosen...h-routine.html

    He has a full 90 day program for $47.

    More fitness-
  • 01-31-2018
    Hi eb1888

    Thanks for your answer.

    My inseam is 92cm.

    Regarding bars, I am looking at some models with very extreme rise and rear sweep, such as:
    Bontrager Satellite Trekking Handlebars (20-degree)
    Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar
    Electra Cruiser Bullhorn Handlebar
    Electra Townie Original/Balloon Aluminum Handlebar
    Linus North Road Handlebar
    Klunker Bar (Velo Orange) > riser
    FSA Metropolis Touring Handlebar

    (I really need to be upright on the bike!)
  • 01-31-2018
    I'd have to say you'll be fine on the XL. I'm your height on an '08 Monkey which has similar Reach to the XL Ogre and I have to run a 80mm stem and 760mm bar with minimal sweep to be in the position I prefer, if I went to a 50mm stem I'd be sat very upright, add in a big sweep bar and I could just use a 70mm stem to get to the same position. Loads of stems out there in rises from 5-15 degrees without looking too hard, also quite a few bigger sweep bars.
  • 01-31-2018
    I'm 6'4", 33" inseam. All my bikes are XL. Make sure to NOT cut the steerer tube. Most of my stems are 45 degree rise, up and short. Plenty of options for bars with rise and sweep. Looked at the Surly sunrise bar?
  • 01-31-2018
    I'm about the same size as you and went with a '17 XL Ogre w/90MM stem. I prefer a more aggressive seating position, bar height currently ~15MM lower than the seat. I like the sweep of the Moloko bar that comes stock now.

    If it means anything, I'm also on the cusp between 56 and 58CM road bikes
  • 02-02-2018
    Hi LyNx, leeboh & milliesand,

    Thanks for your feedback. I will be looking at XL frames from what you say (and make sure I don't cut the steerer!)

    Shall I wait for the 2018 Ogre model? From what I understand, the 2017 models were announced in February last, so I better wait a little (even to get a discounted 2017 model).

    Ride on!
  • 09-13-2019
    Hello Ogre owners, I need your help. I would like to buy a Ogre frameset 2019/2020 but I am not sure that the XL size will be correct for me. I have 97 cm/ 38.2 inch inseam and on other bikes my saddle height is 87 cm/34.3 inch. Do you think that the saddle can reach that height?
    Thank you!