• 05-23-2011
    stuck between three bikes Anthem 29er X2, Epic comp 29er, HIFI delux 29er
    I was just wondering on peoples thoughts on these three bikes.
  • 05-23-2011
    Fly Rod
    All good bikes. Ride each, better yet demo if possible. Choose the one that meets your criteria.

  • 05-23-2011
    I tested all 3 and chose the hifi deluxe. The hifi doesn't have a thru axle, so if you are more obsessed with specs than how something actually rides that may be an issue. I'm only 5'6", so the g2 geometry seemed to fit me the best. The other bikes either just didn't feel right or I was having toe overlap. I've never had toe overlap on the hifi.

    If you are of average height, say 5'10" or taller, I think any of the bikes would be great
  • 05-23-2011
    I have a Hifi Plus and the Anthem X 29er. Not having a thru axle is huge disadvantage I upgraded my fork to a Reba Team with maxle and its affect an incredible improvement in bike performance. As I said before the Anthem X 29er is simply faster when you're following guys on 26 inch bikes through the switchbacks that t/a fork makes a huge difference. You can follow them on the Hifi but you'll have to work at it,with the Anthem X 29er it's no problem.

    I would suggest the Anthem X 29er for the following reasons:

    1. T/A axle fork this is feature is very important for rigidity ,stability and agility. The bike will simply be faster once you get up to speed.
    2. RP2 with boost valve. This feature makes a huge difference if you're taking three foot drops.

    The Hifi uses the a frame that's very similar to the Rumblefish. Have you thought of riding the Rumblefish? Even the entry level Rumblefish comes with a t/a fork and you get a 30 speed drivetrain.

    I upgraded the fork on my Hifi Plus to a 120 mm Reba Team 29er and it transformed the bike radically. After the upgrade the front end feels so much better and it's much agile and rigid. In fact the bike's acceleration has improved because the 20mm T/A wheel I added is more rigid and it uses the thru axle.

    The Rumblefish uses a softer rear suspension setting than the Hifi, but it does have the DRCV shock.

    The Hifi could have been a very good bike but I feel that the lack of a maxle or thru axle fork hurts performance. I would imagine that the Specialized will have similar problems as well because it too lacks the t/a fork.
  • 05-24-2011
    I think if you do some extensive research you will find that the Epic is just on another playing field. It really is a race bike. But if your looking for something more plush then it may not be the bike for you. To me I wouldn't consider a bike without a thru axle this day and age. I have ridden the Anthem X but to me the steering was too slow.
  • 05-24-2011
    Jet9 ....just sayin'. demo, demo, demo.
  • 05-24-2011

    Originally Posted by mefistofeles
    Not having a thru axle is huge disadvantage

    + a whole bunch. I regret buying not one, but two Reba forks last year that are QR forks. I installed both forks this spring. One one bike, I am running one of those DT Swiss, 9mm thru-axle-style hubs. The difference between the standard QR bike and the one with the DT Swiss 9mm thru-axle is amazing. If I could afford to toss my current forks and wheelsets and go thru-axle across the board, I would do it. IMHO, manufacturers are doing a disservice these days by selling anything at all with the old-style QR. It is just lame to spend $3000 for something like the Epic and not get a thru-axle fork. Lame.

    That said, I very much like the feel of the 2011 Epic. The lack of a thru-axle is a turn-off, but I test-rode all of Specialized's 29ers recently, and the Epic stood out in my mind. It just felt good.

    Test ride if you can. A decision like you are making is rather a nice decision to have to be making.
  • 05-24-2011
    Ran into a Giant demo truck at one of my local spots 2 weekends ago and test rode the anthem on some tight downhill trails with small root drops (<1 foot). I pedaled the anthem up the trail and it felt very efficient. The maestro suspension felt like it had a pedaling "platform" like my 26" Pivot (DW link) but didn't have the sensation that I was dragging a log behind me that i get on the pivot.

    Coming down the trail I really noticed the stiffness and directional stability of the front end. So much so that I'm now obsessed with getting a thru-axle fork on my hardtail. The bike took the small drops like a champ and just felt super confident. I really liked the geometry of the bike, I felt right at home on it instantly, even with the handlebars of the demo bike being rotated so the sweep was pointing down (wish I noticed that before i rode away from the Giant trailer). The one thing that seemed odd was that the DT rear hub had the gross-est sound I've ever heard coming from a name brand hub. It didn't feel like there was anything wrong with it but it sure sounded sick.

    As for the specialized - Just take a look in the specialized forum and see all the people having defective brain shocks. Works great when it works, but when they break your bike will be out of commission while you wait. I had a spech with a brain shock a few years ago and it had to go back for repair twice in less than a year.
  • 05-24-2011
    I love love love my Anthem!
  • 05-24-2011
    Another vote for the Anthem
    Only had mine a few weeks, but am very happy
  • 05-24-2011
    [QUOTE=subspd. I have ridden the Anthem X but to me the steering was too slow.[/QUOTE]

    If you do a lot of slow stuff it is a disadvantage. At speed brilliant.

    Easy to speed up by changing out to a shorter stem.
  • 05-24-2011
    I've had my Anthem X1 29 for a week now and have determined it is my favorite bike of all time ( and I have owned many many bikes). Much of my love comes from how the bike fits MY body, it's neutral handling and how efficient it is climbing. The 15 axle and over sized headtube allow the bike to track with perfection!
  • 05-24-2011
    gila monster
    Another happy Anthem X 29er owner here. I've had my about two weeks and have 6 or 7 rides on it no complaints except they didn't put a QR seat post clamp on it. I don't find the steering slow at all compared to some other 29ers I've tried. It climbs really well and pedals very efficiently. I was considering the RF and HiFi but was turned off by the proprietary fork and shock. Also the Anthem had a little better specs for the price.
  • 05-25-2011
    I think I am leaning toward the Anthem. The first thing I will probably do is get rid of the handle bar, and change out the wheel set. I ride in southern New Mexico and do mainly trail riding and single track. I currently have a Santa Cruz Superlight and have fun on it. It is just time for an upgrade.