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    Stans Flow built wheel vs Hope2/Flow

    I need a new rear wheel for my RIP9.

    I was just about ready to order the parts to build a wheel - I was planning on getting a Hope2 hub with Stans Flow rim. As I was looking around I noticed that Stans sells individual wheels and I can get a rear wheel from them for less than the pieces would cost.

    How does that hub that comes with Stans pre-built wheels compared to a Hope2?

    Thanks, I searched a few times, but can't seem to isolate the Stans hub - maybe its not made by Stans?


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    it's a solid budget hub. Don't know what else to tell you

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    The stan's hub is a great budget hub. Similar engagement as the hope but with three pawls instead of four. Lighter and cheaper than a hope.
    However, I recently saw a stan's freehub body beginning to fail. Basically, large cashes in the freehub body from the engagement gear in the hub shell. Looked to me as if the freehub has been flexing enough under load to actually grand into the engagement gear. Also, the freehub body was beginning to deform where the pauls mount into it. They were pressing into the body.

    That said, stan's has been really great about replacing it under warranty and the guy who is riding is over 250lbs.

    I've seen hopes explode in a similar fashion so I'd say the the two are of similar quality, except that the extra pawl on the hope means a slightly stronger engagement system. (other than the the number of pawls, the engagment system is identical in design.)

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    Check out Orion Cycles on Ebay. I got a set of Flows with Hope Pro II hubs at a great price.

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    Iirc, the hopes have 24 points of engagement vs. ZTR at 30 points. I personally don't care for the sound of Hopes but they are quality hubs. The hopes have a few more options for various end caps, but the ZTR are a better bang for the buck.
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    My RIP 9 has Arches and Stans' ZTR's and they have been rock solid in the last three months at 205lbs. I would have preferred Hopes as that is what i had on my 26", but am happy so far.

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    Red Barn Cycles builds sick wheels. I got a set of Flow/Hope Pro2. Awesome set, good price.
    call them, Chad is his name i think, he builds them all by hand and he will call and ask any questions he has and call again when they are on their way... Great guy.

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    I've been really hard on bikes and parts over the years and have never repoarted a failure out of my Hops hubs. Have them on 2 bikes and feel they're one of the best hubs on the market. Reliable, solid performance and pretty.

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    +1 on the Flows/Hopes combo from Orion Cycles. Best price and build around if you can afford to wait for them. Neil is very busy!

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    I have a pair of Flows with Shimano M629s from Orion and have to say they are a stellar build, even my LBS owner asked me where I got them. Completely tru, all spokes had perfect tension and everything looked and spun great. Had two decent crashes on them and nothing is wrong. I have only had them a month so can't comment to much but have to say that I did a must lesser crash and taco'd a DT Swiss X470 rim last summer, so I am extremely happy.

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    It's a ways off (months of saving and other things that need to be addressed on my bike) but now I know where to go for a Flow/Hope wheelset. I'll have to head to Orion_Cycles for my Christmas present. He's only 90 mins away from my door.

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    Lucky you! Wait times are 4+ weeks now, so order in October!

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    my lbs just quoted about a week on a crest/hope build

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    +1 on Red Barn. Chad got my Flows with Hope's out the door in 3 days!!!

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    I've been riding some Hope 2's on Flow's for awhile now, they have been solid for sure but I did have a few issues with the rear hub in the first 6 months of use. Freehub pawl springs all broke, Hope replaced with new design and no issues since, then the axle cracked and I had to replace axle and most of the bearings, Hope was good to deal with once again tho. Have not touched em in the 3 years since. I have broken a lot of rear hubs tho including a Hadley so I think i'm hard on them.

    I recently bought a set of Stans Arch wheels for my cross bike and the hubs seem nice, no issues so far.

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