Hola- So i've been riding my Spot Longboard for about 10 months now. got it used off of eBay. The belt drive is pretty sweet and the frame is freakin' rad, but I bought it based off of my sizing on a different bike. There is no doubt that this bike has an amazing ride, but even with a shorter stem and some other adjustments, it's always felt a little too big for me. (I'm 6'2", and got the XL... I later realized that I should have gotten a L).
Anyway, I am thinking of changing out the frame for something a little smaller, and geared (Belt drive is fun, but i miss having gears) without breaking the bank... I am looking at the Vassago Bandersnatch.
Any other suggestions? Ideally, I'd like to keep it around what I can sell the Spot frame/belt drive/cranks for, and keep the rest of the parts to build the new bike... thanks in advance.