Somebody hit me with a 29er tube!-
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    Somebody hit me with a 29er tube!

    I have been laughing at myself all day. Ive been riding my BigTop for about a month now. I assumed that i was riding tubeless because when i got the bike and peeked in the tire i seen the what I now know is the rim strip. I didnt see the tube for whatever reason so i dumped some stans in and went happily on my way.
    Last week after a few rides i came out to the garage in the morning and my tires were flat. Put more stans in but the next morning they were flat again. I decided to take the tire off today and long behold...a tube! I felt like such an idiot.
    Tomorrow i will go by some rim tape but my question is should i put the rim strip back on after i put the tape on? Right now i am running the RRs so i dont know how they will seal. The rims are DT Swiss 470s. Any feedback on the strips?
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    Racing Ralphs have been the hardest non-UST 29er tire I have dealt with tubeless. 2.5 scoops of stans and a lot of airing up the tire + sloshing the stans is needed for a RR to seal. Keep at it and they will hold air eventually.

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