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    Snow tires

    What are you guys riding in the snow? I'm not looking for studs, just something with more bite than my Conti Vapors. Exiwolf? Klaw? XR?...

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    I use

    Bontrager ACX Jones for everything.Snow is my favorite riding as it tests my ESP to know where the diagonal roots are.

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    ACX or Klaws

    For light snow, the Nano's are great, but you can't beat the Bonty Jones ACX in any snow - they don't shed great, but they bite well. The heavier Kenda Klaws bite well too, but,again, shed poorly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by don_fixote
    What are you guys riding in the snow? I'm not looking for studs, just something with more bite than my Conti Vapors. Exiwolf? Klaw? XR?...
    At Saturday's Enduro, I had Bonty ACX on the rear and Exiwolf on the front. They were excellent, and I was just wondering if that's the way all 29er tires felt. However, that was my second ride on those tires so I can't compare to anything else.
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    Klaws work well for me ...

    ... in Pacific NW snow. Haven't tried my ExiWolf in snow yet, but I'm hearing good things about that, and the tread compound seems quite soft (which is good). Also I've had surprisingly good luck with my 700x45 Nokian studded tire. A bit skinny, but the bigger circumference seems to keep it on top of the snowmobile tracks as well as a 26x2.0.

    BTW, this is completely unsubstantiated, but I was at Universal Cycles today picking up some parts and ogling the big 26" studders, and the guy in there said he's heard Nokian is planning a true 29" studded tire for next year. He may or may not know what he's talking about, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning.

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    Actually, in Finland, Nokians residence, 29" bikes are quite popular. Mosly Nishiki's and Surly's hitting the trails there. Studs are serious business in Finland, obviously.
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