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    Simple question

    How often do you guys wash your bikes? Do you use only water or also soap? Any particular attention on gear, chain, fork and hydraulic brakes?

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    Simple answer, when it's dirty .

    Seriously though, I just bought some of the Pedro's Bike Wash and a soft wash brush. That takes care of most of the bike, for the chain I have a Finish Line Chain cleaning tool, and some Finish Line degreaser. Wash, rinse, repeat as needed. How often depends on you, some people wash their bike down after every ride, others almost never wash their bike. I tend to do it when things start to look crust around the chain, cassette, and jockey wheels. However, I do clean my fork stanchions and apply chain lube before every ride.

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    Not yet. I wipe it off with a cloth when it's dry.

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    After a ride when it look's like this.....
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo null_zps3434c2b8.jpg"/></a>
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo null_zps70d0340d.jpg"/></a>
    Normally I just use my garden hose with a power full nozzle to remove all mud and dust (So it don't scratch paint) wipe with wash towel dry it.
    For chain and cassette I use a brush.
    Once in awhile I use dish soap but since I wash after every ride just water.
    I'm going to pick up some good Car Glaze and do the paint this week.
    It has all way's helped with my car's and motorcycle's paint mud don't stick as well.
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    I wash my bike after any ride that got my bike muddy. If it is a tiny bit dirty, I either leave it or wipe off the dirt.
    When I do wash it I apply a name brand spray soap and then thoroughly rinse with a garden hose. I then wipe it down with a clean towel.
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    I VERY RARELY "wash" my bike. It's good to rinse your bike after a wet/muddy ride, especially if you're on sandy trails (DON'T USE HIGH PRESSURE AROUND YOUR SEALS OR BOTTOM BRACKET!!).
    That being said, I think that it is very important to keep your drivetrain/chain clean. I clean my chain before every ride.

    When you wash your bike, be sure you're properly lubing everything after you've washed all the good lube away with the bad dirt and mud.
    ​mountain biking is fun.

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    Simple question

    I clean my bikes about every third or fourth ride. First I add some Stan's to the tires if needed, because I always seem to make a hella'mess with Stan's. Then spray with dilute SimpleGreen in a spray bottle; wash with soft brush or a towel and EZ (easy easy easy) spray hose; more cleaning on drivetrain with as toothbrush, SimpleGreen and water; then dry off and re-lube chain with TriFlow or Finish Line. Then dry off with a towel and quick-check torques. Best reason for cleaning is to look closely for any damage, but I confess I just dig working on my bikes.
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    When it rains.

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    My LBS just started carrying this stuff:

    Welcome to Wicked Wash - High Performance Bike Cleaner

    I'm going to get me some and try it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totoslave View Post
    How often do you guys wash your bikes? Do you use only water or also soap? Any particular attention on gear, chain, fork and hydraulic brakes?
    When it's really dirty and I got the time I was it. About once a month..
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