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    Sibex 29er Fork

    Ok, so I got kinda boned here, ordered a Sibex Ti 26" wheeled fork for my new Soma, turning it into a sorta around town/fun bike by getting rid of the heavy-arse boinger fork.
    I get the fork, mount it up, cut the steerer tube, and as I install my new CrossMax XL v-brake wheels, I notice someting just ain't quite right.
    The brake bosses are waaay too high up on the fork to be useful. Slowly, it dawns on me, #[email protected](#*!!!! I've been sent a 29er fork!
    So, for my $400+, I'm screwed. Cut the steerer tube so a return is kinda out of the question.
    My question: any ideas how much I might be able to get for it if I decide to sell it? I looked at eBay, and couldn't find any Sibex forks...
    My other option is to buy and build a Cross bike, which is tempting, but at this point I really don't have too much extra funds to build yet another bike I won't ride that much (spent most of my fun money on the new fork, decided to "treat myself").
    Sigh, so anyways, any help is much appreciated...
    Is there like a 29-specific forum out there that I might be able to troll for possible buyers?
    Thanks guys!


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    I long is the steer tube been cut to? send me a PM.

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    Ask Sibex nicely if they can help, for them the forks are pretty cheap, and they'll know someone for the fork anyway.
    For most stock cross frame, the fork will be too long, they use 400mm, not 430mm. Also, most 29" MTB frames use 470mm.

    Good luck!
    Klok - XC - Skate - Ski

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