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    New question here. Short Travel 29er Suggestions

    I’m looking at buying a short to mid-travel 29er. The shop I work at mainly carries Giant, Specialized and Santa Cruz. So my options are Trance Advanced 29 Pro, Stumpjumper ST 29, Tallboy and Hightower. I am leaning towards Santa Cruz for their warranty and reputation for taking care of customers. I will not be able to demo all the bikes so I am looking to gather as much info as possible. Reviews indicate that the Hightower is an efficient pedaler and better descender than the Tallboy with little weight penalty. But the Tallboy v3 is said to be one of the best in class and a pretty capable descender for what it is. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada where it is pretty flat. I ride mellow xc/trail and some paved bike paths for conditioning. But some of the guys I work with ride more all mtn/enduro and I would like to not be totally outgunned when riding with them.

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    Based on Terrain you noted and choices I would go Tallboy, i have only ridden one once short period of time but warranty is hard to beat. In General there are so many good buikes in this category now hard to go wrong.
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    All the bikes you listed sounds good for your application. If you’re going with SC I think the Blur would be awesome for the riding you describe. Only issue is all these bikes have pretty slack sta, so if you’re tall and if you plan to climb steep stuff very frequently you’ll wish you had a steeper sta. The SJ ST is the steepest at 75.1 degrees on a large.

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    Trance all day. Read the reviews

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    Tallboy is definitely a favourite of many people and would no doubt be great for what you want, but the new Trance 29er looks pretty good on paper too. TBH I'd possibly pick it over the TB just for the more up-to-date geometry (slacker HT and steeper STA).

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    Anthem would be my choice

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    I know you were asking about those particular bikes, but take a look at Rocky Mountain bikes if you can. Those have been the best riding bikes I've ever ridden and they have a few that would fit your type of riding.

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    I've trail demo'd a Hightower, and parking lot demo'd a Trance 29 that's one size too small. I have a permanent bug about Spec. as a company, honestly, have never liked a FS bike of theirs that I rode. The TB3, according to everything I've heard, is a great bike if you think the Hightower is too much bike. The Hightower gives you a lot more bike will almost no weight penalty. Between those two, I'd take the Hightower for my personal riding. The Trance 29....I'm looking for a chance to trail demo the correct size. I hope it's as good a bike as everyone says. So how to decide between the SC and the Giant?

    Giant has a great warranty. I've used it more than once. I've never had a problem getting frame replacements. However, having paid for multiple sets of pivot bearings for the suspension.....

    SC warranties those pivot bearings. If I was on a SC, I'd have the lifetime frame warranty AND I wouldn't have to worry about paying for pivot bearings. The scales tip towards SC.

    The only thing that swings it back towards the Trance is simply the idea that it sounds like you're going to do a LOT of pedaling. I have a hunch the Trance might pedal better, and still possess the ability to get rowdy like you might want. Tough call, really, unless you can get some rides in on those two bikes.

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    Hightower is a great ‘long-legged’ XC bike. CAn be built farrly light, and can handle a trips to Moab and a 7 hour endurance races. Much more fun than my old Tallboy v1 and barely slower (if at all) on climbs.

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