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    S-Works Stumpy vs EX 9.9 vs SC Tallboy CC

    Apologies if this exact question (or some close relative of it) has already been posted, but I couldn't find it

    It's time to upgrade and I'm trying to choose between the following three bikes:
    - 2019 s-works stumpy ST (stock)
    - 2017 Fuel ex9.9 (travel switched to 140/140, wheels _downgraded_ to dtswiss m1825) - guessing the owner just doesn't want to sell the factory carbon wheels, or they got damaged)
    - 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy CC w/Reserve wheels (stock)

    I've been looking for an ex9 for a while, but this one would take a little bit of work to get back to what I want (shorter travel, carbon wheels). The other two are newer and ready to go; they're also more expensive though!

    By virtue of location, most of my riding is unfortunately xc (in/around southwestern ontario) - so outside of a few fun sections, a short-travel bike is probably the best fit.

    Input appreciated. Thanks, everybody!

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    Scott Spark non RC. Room for 2.5 tires.
    Trek Top Fuel.

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    I wouldnít buy either of those used bikes due to reliability and no warranty. The guy is probably keeping whatever nice carbon wheels he had and swapping wheels off his new bike. Thatís a pretty standard practice.

    SC has fantastic warranty and build. So buy it if you like it.

    I personally am on the 2020 top fuel. You could buy a Top fuel C frame and do your own build. Mine is 24.0 pounds with a Fox34 PE. I could build it to sub 23 with a new Sid Ultimate and some better choices in parts, but. The bike is awesome so far. Just hopping itís more reliable than my previous top Fuels.

    Also you should be looking at a Trance 29 and a Ripley.

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    Im in same boat. Someone here I think said to hold off on Specialized if you can tie august because they are dropping a new Stumpjumper. Any truth to this, I have no idea. I liked the Stumpy though but the pedal bob when climbing I couldnt fall in love with. The Fuel you just can't go wrong with...

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