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    Rig (and 1st time 29er rider) preliminary ride report

    I had a chance to sneak out during lunch for a 45 minute ride on jeep road and single track. This was the first ride on dirt, and mostly to get the bike dialed in. In case you missed the other posts today, I just got a Rig. I'm coming off a 26er SS conversion. I had been using a 32/18 gear on the 26, but I switched to a 32/19 for this bike. That means I increased the gearing by what would effectively have been one tooth on the 26, correct?

    The first thing I noticed is that the bike felt really huge. My reach was good, and my leg extension was good, but my mind was perceiving that I was on a much too large bike. Interestingly enough, another poster mentioned that frame looks very small. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing the big hoops below me or something.

    Once riding, the initial impression was that the bike was rather sluggish. It seemed difficult to get up to speed, but granted the ground is wet and mushy, and very full of drag right now. I think just about any bike would feel unusually sluggish today. Once I got up to speed it seemed easy to keep it there. I had time to climb up one short but steep hill (first climb up KGB from the burn, for those who know Bend trails) with switchbacks. Even though I felt like I was performing slowly and poorly, I got up the climb at least as readily as I ever had on the 26. I turned back downhill to town and hit a small jump and then a drop-away. The bike felt very stable on both of these features.

    I chose a recently cut and lightly used singletrack to head in, because it was still lumpy and bumpy with grass clumps and rock beds. I did notice that the big wheels smoothed out the bumps, just as advertised.

    On the swervy trail to follow, I didn't perceive that I was going very fast, but the ground was moving beneath me as fast or faster than I was used to seeing it on the 26. Maybe this means the big bike is more stable than I'm used to?

    There's a dirt jump zone right before I get back into the neighborhood, and i felt balanced and confident enough to hit a few doubles. Mid-flight, the bike was really stable. That was confidence-inspiring.

    I'm still getting used to how this new bike rides, but so far I'm quite happy with it. More later.

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    Between you and Padre...

    I see a couple of boys lovin' their new bikes
    Don't forget to wash it for our ride tomorrow, I know what Bend dust and mud looks like , I wanna see the purple.
    later skater, glad you're having fun !

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