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    Ride-Stack Height

    This may belong in Training/Racing, but I am sure some of you guys here have run into the same problem. This time of year I start getting a little more MTB in than road. I have run into this same problem for the last couple of years--the bar height on my 29er is probably a tick above the saddle. I have had an awful time going back to the road bike--getting really bad neck and shoulder stiffness. I know coming up on 48 has something to do with it too. Is there anything I can do other than getting a smaller frame and running a longer stem? I have the controls as low as possible (without taking out my top tube), and tilted up to the point where they are just comfortable to brake when standing-descending. I am 5-8, just between that medium and small frame size. I have the bar on the road bike only an inch below the saddle, but that is my favorite spot for climbing. Thanks!

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    Sounds to me like you are running the bars on the mtb too low in relation to your saddle height, more so with your road bike, hence the neck stiffness.

    I would hazard a guess that your legs are longer (as a proportion of your total height) than joe average, forcing you to raise the saddle to obtain a normal leg extension. However most bikes don't allow you to raise the handlebars by the same proportion which forces your body to tilt forwards, placing pressure on your hands and giving you stiff shoulders as you have to crane your neck to see the road ahead.

    It might be a good idea to try at least some rudimentary form of bike/ body measurement or even going all out and booking some time with Specialized's BG fit specialists. From what I hear, the latter is money well spent.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I actually think I would enjoy higher bars on the road bike since I really don't race (I do hard training on it), and it would be kind of nice to "enjoy the view" a little more. I concentrated some on it yesterday, and have also found that I crane my head back more on the road bike to see under the frames of my prescription glasses--a problem I don't have in the winter--then I realized I don't really have neck issues in the winter on the road bike since it is on the trainer. Guess us MTB folk work harder to "look down the trail (or road) to pick the right lines than a pure roadie would. But yes, I am thinking it is time to take a bucket of stems and get fit by the bike fitting guys.

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    I have the same issue - I leave my my road bike bars quite high (I left the steerer long so I could move the stem up and down with spacers) - just below the saddle. I don't care for the non-agressive look..but man, its much more comfy for me to not be so hunched over and at the end of the day, it makes little difference on the road ride I usually do.
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