Recommend wheel set and Road Tires-
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    Recommend wheel set and Road Tires

    I want to get a second set of rims with road tires for my 29er that I can swap out easily when I decide to ride on the road. Can some recommend an inexpensive set of wheels and road tires?

    I currently have a stock Haro Mary 29er.

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    I see take-off wheels going for $100-200. Just slap on some skinny slicks (700x28/45) and you're good to go.

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    I use a pair of take offs from my old Cannondale 29er 2 as my "road" set I of course us disc brakes and they're aero rims (Jalco X320), they work alright I got them relaced from factory and that helped a ton. A proper builder can really help out any wheel.

    My range so far for tire usage is a 25c all the way up to a 47c.
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    +1 on what p nut suggested.
    So long as you are not concerned about weight, then some take off wheels are a good option. I got a pair of Bontrager Mustang wheels (from a Fisher Rig) for $100 and bought some Big Apples in the 2.3 flavor (for the cush). The only thing I found is that went I switch the wheels, I need to realign the brake calipers. The rotors are slightly shifted on the bontrager hubs compared to the king hubs that have my mountain tires. So if you can find a pair of stock Mary wheels, you'll probably have even less to worry about.

    As for tires, just find some tires that are atleast wider than the rims. And you can find tires with light treads to slicks. Check some of the other threads about slick tires, some people have recommended Marathon Supremes, Fat Franks, and lightly treaded WTB Vulpine.

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