REBA air pressure and adjustment help please.-
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    REBA air pressure and adjustment help please.

    I need some recommendations for air pressure settings for my 29er REBA. I am wondering if the stock numbers on the fork leg sticker are a good guide. Anybody care to share thier experience on set-up and also on what REBOUND setting and GATE (What is GATE??) adjustment that they use? The fork is a stock 2005 REBA that came on my Fisher Rig (the purple one). I weigh 286 Lbs. and ride New England single track at a slow (recreational) pace. Right now I set the positive and the negative to 165 lbs. of air pressure, and set the gate and rebound to the middle of thier adjustment. Most of the time I have the lever (Lock-Out??) on the top of the right fork leg set all the way to lock, which helps to stop the "BOB" when I am out of the saddle to climb. I will move the lever to the middle of the travel when I approach a downhill. What I need is some "real-world" experience to help me understand the why and how to fine tune the fork for my type of riding. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You are on track

    You're off to a good start. You'll have to do a bit more than just "recreational" riding to benefit from all the bells and whistles your new fork provides. Anytime you feel something isn't right, you may want to re-ride the section with the fork's rebound or gate settings a little bit different.

    I set the gate to max clockwise so when I have the lever on the lock position, it bobs very little. My rebound is pretty quick.

    Extending your travel to 100 mm would benefit you as well since you are a big guy. Your local shop can help you or you can download the info off rock shox' page, buy the tools and some fork oil, and change your travel. It took me 30 minutes to do mine, but I'm a seasoned mechanic.

    Clamp a zip tie around the leg to see how much sag you get (when you sit gently on the bike) and to check to see if you are getting max travel (80 mm stock, 100 after you remove the inside spacer). If you aren't getting max travel on your rides, let some pressure out of both chambers. Each chamber needs to be fairly equal in pressure for it to work well.
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    reba for dummies
    This thread started by FoShizzle has all the answers

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    Reba Race Set up

    I also about drove myself crazy with all kinds of advise from my local shop and reading this site. What finally worked for me was to let the air out of the negative and to pump the positive to 70 percent of my weight when riding. I ride at 200 lbs so I put 140 psi in the positive side. Then I pumped up the negative until it just barley starts to reduce the forks travel about 1/16 " . This ended up being about 120 psi in the negative. I found that if I ran the positive much lower then I had way too much sag and not much travel. If the negative is higher than the positive then it overcomes the positive and the fork bottoms out real easy. The flood gate does not effect the ride except when the pop lock is on and there is almost no bob with it full on and climbing up steep smooth trails. I like the rebound just a bit slower than in the middle and the compression I run wide open to take full advantage of the travel. Good luck.

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    I run both at the recommend max for me at 250#+. Works great.
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