Listed over in the classifieds, Curtlo All-Rounder:

This frame/fork is brand new, the parts kit is a mix of new and used but excellent parts.

Custom CURTLO All-Rounder. I had been hemming and hawing over buying a Rivendell Atlantis to have a do it all touring bike that could take a full mtb tire and then decided it made a lot more sense to order a custom which would be lighter, full custom, made in the USA and cheaper to boot. So I decided on Curtlo. The bike is basically built with touring geometry similar to the Atlantis, or a Surly long haul trucker, but with a slightly sloping top tube. It will take full 29er tires (2.3" exiwolfs shown). It has a 1 1/8" head tube. The frame has full braze-ons including dropouts, low-riders on the fork, mounts half way up the seat stays for some of those smaller Nitto racks and higher up in the standard location. It also has 3 bottle mounts and down tube shifter braze-ons if you want to go old school.

The bike comes with a full M952 XTR group. The picture with the drop bars shows an XT group, but that was removed and is no longer available. It is currently set up as shown in the rest of the pics.

The buyer can have their choice of XTR hubs with 32 hole Matrix Titan tour rims or ATAC sealed bearing hubs (nicer than kings) with 36 hole Matrix Titan Tour rims. Buyer also gets choice of tires between about 6 or 7 sets I have available. The buyer may also opt to have the NItto Noodle drop bar instead of the flat bar and XTR shifters. The Brooks seat and Nitto post is also available, but that I would ask for $50 extra over the bontrager carbon post and WTB saddle.

Seat tube C-C: 21 3/4"
Seat tube C-T: 22 3/4"

Angles: 71.5/71.5

Top tube effective: 61cm (24.25")

Head tube: 7.5"

Chainstay: 17 7/8"

I am asking $1400 as shown. Choice of wheels, tires, bars/shifters/levers, and $50 extra for the Brooks seat/Nitto post.

I paid a little over $1200 for the frame and fork, and it is basically a brand new bike. This bike will do it all, unfortunately I need to put the money toward work on the house.