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    Opinions about 2013 best trail bike, 4500$ available to buy one!

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a new bike, i have available 4500$, this is my list, can you help me to make a decision, out there is to many bikes to choose and I can not demo all because i live in Venezuela.

    1.- Yeti SB-95C
    2.- Santa Cruz LTC
    3.- Intense Spider Comp 29
    4.- Ibis Ripley 29er
    5.- Stumjumper FSR Carbon Comp

    1.- Scott Genius 720
    2.- Intense Carbine

    Thanks for your helps!!!

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    Personally, I would go for a Scott Genius 920. I don't know if that is available in Venezuela or not, but if there is the 720, then there should be the 920. The Scott has one of the best carbon frames out there, as well as featuring Scott Twinloc which has three settings for damping and travel for both front and rear suspension. Scott also has a FOX Float 32 fork, Shimano SLX brakes, and XT drivetrain.
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    Do the 29er Trek Fuel EX 9 or 9.7 count?
    If not the 26er's are still amazing bikes worthy of mention, perfect example of wheelsize not being the be all and end all of a great bike.

    They'll also leave change in your pocket for the $4,500 price mark, especially if you have haggle the dealer down some.

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    Re: Opinions about 2013 best trail bike, 4500$ available to buy one!

    Santa Cruz Solo
    Should you do more trail work?

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    For 29ers I would go with the
    1) Spider
    2) Ripley
    3) Stumpjumper

    For 650 it's got to be the Carbine.

    The reason I rule out the Yeti or the TBlt is no water bottle mount inside the front triangle. If that doesn't matter to you move the Yeti to # 2 on the 29er list.
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    Opinions about 2013 best trail bike, 4500$ available to buy one!

    Giant Trance X 29-0. No better build for the money.
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    I'll ask... What do you consider "TRAIL"? Your definition of this, what you intend to do with the bike, along with your weight/size and riding style will help determine the best bike for you.

    Lots of good bikes not on the list, for one the Banshee PRIME and Banshee will ship directly to you if you don't have a local sealer. There's also Transition's Covert and Bandit, Norco Shinobi, Kona Satori, TreK FuelEX & Remedy, Giant Trance. Really there's so many great bikes the best advice is to try and find reviews on here from people who own them and then make your decision based on their feedback, also for sizing use your old bike to help get the fit you like, but don't hesitate to bug the manufacturers and also ask them their advice.
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    thanks very much, i will go to USA in holidays and i will try to demo some of the bike that you are pointed out!

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