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    Opinion: 2017 TREK X CAL 9 vs. 2018 TREK X CAL 9?

    I'm looking for the forum to weigh in on which is a better bike (excluding price). I'm faced with the option of buying both now (new/dead stock), and am trying to weigh each out. Color wise I lean towards the 2017 with the Matte Black with Volt Green. Component/Frame wise 2018 seems to be a hands down winner.

    Any opinions? Thanks

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    How about listing the components and/or links.

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    2018 for sure (at least based on the following sped sheets)
    2017 - https://archive.trekbikes.com/us/en/...iber_9/details
    2018 - https://www.trekbicyclesuperstore.co...9-308229-1.htm

    the 2018 is boost (sorta), has a tapered head tube, has better, slx level components.

    That being said, I'm very meh on these bikes overall. Dollar for dollar, I think the following bikes have better value for money and come with dropper posts and some better geometry. If you're looking for an XC race geo in a cost effective package, the x-caliber isn't bad, but I'd be looking for something with more trail/everyday geo and some better features.

    Kona Honzo KONA BIKES | MTB | HONZO | Honzo
    Giant Fathom 29 https://www.giant-bicycles.com/us/fathom-29-1-2019

    Both of those bikes are from brands that you can usually do pretty well on with last years models and even on new models a bit lower then MSRP (especially giant). Overall the part spec in the 1000-1500 dollar range doesn't vary much from brand to brand so it's best to pick what you feel most comfortable on. Not what you got the best deal on or what a specific shop is pushing you into.

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