North Star bikes??-
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    North Star bikes??

    Whatsup, I'm looking for a bike to take on some moderate trail riding with 4 foot drops.

    Found this North Star Pro El Toro CX 29er for $300. It is basically new.

    Is it worth it? Its the only 29er I've found in my price range.

    If not, what models would you recommend for about $200 used? Thanks.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 4' drops with a $300 bike is probably a bad idea. I've seen these North Star bikes in Sun n' Ski Sports I think. With a price point between $200 and $300, I'd look at a used SS - maybe a Redline Monocog, a GT Peace 9r, maybe a good deal on a Raleigh XXIX - something along those lines.
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    You're probably not going to find a lot of used Monocog 29ers for sale. I live in Dallas and watch Craigslist pretty closely and there has only been two Monocog 29ers for sale on there in the last 2 months. That being said can only speak highly of the quality of the Monocog and Redline bikes in general.

    I paid $450.00 for a new Monocog 29er last May. The other day I saw another poster that bought a new `10 for $360.00 at his LBS. Redline makes a great product so if you can find one try it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitul
    Whatsup, I'm looking for a bike to take on some moderate trail riding with 4 foot drops.

    what models would you recommend for about $200 used? Thanks.
    You will need more money than that to ride 4' drops. Either for a better bike, or for better health insurance.

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    The fact that they call that a CX bike should be your first clue that this bike is suspect.

    I'd steer clear of the North Star.
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    Boy, a bike that can take 4' drops at a $200-$300 price point is going to be pretty hard to find. I'll have to be the one to say look at older 26" wheeled freeride bikes/burly hardtails with a suspension fork. As much of a 29er mark as I am I don't think I'd pick a rigid 29er single speed for trailriding with 4' drops... Start hitting your pawn shops, bike shops that have used bikes, second hand sporting good shops and craigslist/ebay.
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    You can probably forget any 29er bike in that price range. You would have to build a burly wheelset to handle the drops which would not be cheap. Your best bet would be to look for a used 26" dirtjumper like a Giant STP or Specialized P2 for example.
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    Thanks for the advice guys..guess I wont get that bike then..

    How does the Redline Monocog 29er compare to a Forge 5xx? which is very similar to a Giant Rincon frame but better components for $380.

    How do I inspect a used bike? I dont want to have to replace the shocks or something down the road

    went to the pawn shop and saw a Trek 6700 for $216

    and a Haro ICS 4.0 for $150

    I dont know too much about bikes..all i know is that I need a hardtail with alivio comps or better

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    I had a (1995 or 1996) Northstar La Luna that I bought for my daughter way back when. It was a Tange steel frame and was built a bit on the light and wispy side, but it was perfect for her as it was pretty lightweight. I also recall it having a 1" headtube, so that is always something to check for on bikes from that era ad sourcing a replacement fork could be problematic.
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