New Dorado Pro Help

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  • 08-23-2010
    New Dorado Pro Help
    Has anyone tried converting a new dorado pro? I know there is a 29er dorado but I have the 26 version and I wana do a d.i.y. or at my local manitou dealer here overseas but they have no experience with it. Thanks for sharing.
  • 08-23-2010
    I just read online that Manitou did three internal changes to the fork to make it a 29er. First was an elongated bottom out spacer to limit travel, next they altered the size of the air chamber so it ramps up more appropriately and lastly, they moved the hydrolic bottom out damper up to adjust for the limiting of it's travel. I would assume you could add some spacers pretty easily, it's been done on other forks with good success. You could also shrink the air chamber by adding oil to it to ramp things up appropriately, but adjusting the bottom out dampers height sounds like it could be involved.

    Start by finding something that could act as spacers behind the bottom out bumpers. Get some trail time with that set up and see if it's bottoming too much. Next add some oil to the air damper to see how that effects things... outside of that, Manitou would probably need to take over.

    These are the things that worked well for me with my Maverick Duc32.

    Best of luck!
  • 08-23-2010
    The new Dorado Pro's come with a free service from Manitou. All you would have to do is send it into them and pay for the new parts. They would service it and ship it back to you with the original parts to run it on a 26" bike.

    If you start getting into it yourself and start changing things, that will void your warranty.

    If you can't send it back to them, find someone close to you who is an authorized service center to do the work.