• 08-18-2010
    New bike dilemma - 2011 Stumpjumper or RIP 9??

    After having my bike stolen last week, I have been shopping for a replacement and decided to pull the trigger on a FS 29er.

    I am interested in the 2011 Stumpjumper which is supposed to come out with a 130 Reba and a 2x10 XO drivetrain sporting a 22/33 front chainring setup that I think would be perfect for a 29er here in Colorado. Problem is this bike will not be available for at least two weeks according to Specialized. Actually, they said "hopefully" in two weeks.

    I have also briefly rode the RIP 9 and felt very comfortable on it. I can get this within two weeks for certain - but not with a 2x10 drivetrain that I want. According to SRAM, the 2011 XO will not sport the 29er specific 24/36 that was announced earlier this year. So, the RIP will have to be built up with a 3x9 XO or 3x10 XT drivetrain.

    Not having a bike right now is killing me as I spent the first half of the summer on the road training for the Triple Bypass. I have had ONE mountain bike ride in all summer and not being able to ride now is killing me.

    Should I just go ahead and get the RIP and forego the 2x10 option in favor of the certainty that I will get to ride through September?


    Should I wait for the Specialized in the hopes that the 2x10 will be so much more enjoyable that the wait will have been worth it over the next few years?

    BTW: This is actually a good dilemma to be having :thumbsup:
  • 08-18-2010
    I just replaced my 08 stumpjumper, a 26er though with a rip 9. If 2x10 is that big of a concern why dont you set up the rip as a 2x9. I have the slx 2x9 on my rip. 22-36 chainrings, but i very rarely use the 22. If i remember correctly it is possible to set up a rip with a 2x10 if your heart is set on it. There is a thread about it in the niner forum. The other plus about the rip is the current price. You can beat that.!!
  • 08-18-2010
    RIP compared to your 08 Stumpy??
    Hey White Taco:

    Ironically I am replacing a 08 stumpjumper FSR

    How do you like the ride compared with the old bike??

    It seemed to me that the RIP was very close in responsiveness and pure "point and shoot" rideability to my SJ and that is why I took a quick shine to it.


  • 08-18-2010
    Let me start off by saying that I really like my stumpie. It was a great bike except for one thing, I would constantly get peadal strikes. I live and ride in the phoenix area, It is very rocky on most trails. So that was a turn off to me, but other then that no real compliants. The rip is a little heavier, 2-3 pounds which does not bother me. It beats the stumpie in all but a few areas. The first is on really tight switch backs. It takes a little more controll/concentration to get around them but deffintly not a deal breaker IMO. The 2nd is the pedaling performance. I had the brain on my stumpie, and I loved it. (It seems that most people either love or hate the brain.) In the rips defense it is more of a plush ride and I ride it with the propedal open. 3rd is catching some air. Just like the switchbacks, it takes a little more effort, again not a deal breker. So far I am happy with my decsion. So much so that i sold all my 26in bikes (stumpie and spec. enduro). All the things that I had read about 29ers are true. Technical terrian is easier, traction is better, and once the trail flattens out or heads down it is so much more fun. Hope this helps. Ben
  • 08-18-2010
    If it's down to 3 rather than 2 upfront then go RIP

    The two bikes you're comparing however have quite a few differences, and ride quite differently (I have owned both)...

    Biggest is the HA. Spesh slack, RIP fairly steep, which gives all the ride characteristics that brings.

    The suspension has its differences too...

    Quite different bikes
  • 08-18-2010
    yea...me too.

    My stumpy is a bit older..'03. but I just love the RIP.

    Some of the RIP love is cuz it's a 29er..!
  • 08-19-2010
    Thanks everyone for you input.

    I am pretty much decided on the RIP and will take it for a long demo session in Winter Park this weekend. I rode the Pivot 429 last night and really did not like it. I found it way too sketchy on the descents. The shop that sells both bikes says the RIP is the go to bike for people looking for a more relaxed handling bike and the Pivot is selected for those still wanting more of an XC race feel.

    Another thing steering me towards the RIP is that the local shop is offering me a killer deal that I would be a fool to pass up.
  • 08-19-2010
    Spinning Lizard
    You can make the RIP a 2x10 using Shimano and a FSA crank - FYI
  • 08-19-2010
    ONE ride???
    Your problem isn't that you've only ridden once this summer, it's that you only have ONE bike! I just sold 2 of my 4 bikes, now I have a HT 29er SS and a FS 26" 3x9. I enjoy how different they are and keeping the skills up they each demand. If you set up a bank account and beg, I bet there are some here who would contribute for your 2nd bike ;)

    very sorry to hear about yours getting stolen though, that really sucks