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    new bike decisions

    so i ride a 27.5 2017 9.8 remedy (160 debonair fork 1 token, 2 tokens in shock), rebuilt rear wheel ex511 + dhf front, dhr2 rear, both WT. when im hitting 40+kmh it can start to feel a bit sketchy. these are downhill orientated rooty tracks

    also cornering is ok on the bike. Anyway - i had to hire a bike today because my drive train is completely worn and im waiting on parts

    My only real choice was a 2019 giant reign 2 (170mm debonair yari, 160mm deluxe). Same tires actually, dhf + dhr. lesser spec. alu vs carbon etc compared to my bike

    The first thing I noticed is that it wasn't as get up and go as the remedy. it pedals 'ok' but i rarely shuttle and always climb to my trails. so i wasn't overly impressed. but i managed just fine.

    Aside from the bars being wider than i like (800 vs 770) the thing was an absolute demon going down hill but not only that, it consistently performed better on aggressive cornering.

    Same wheel set right so what gives? Why does the reign feel that much better?

    One thing it sucked at which could have been bike setup as i only spent 5mins in the carpark with a shock pump (bottomed out the shock a lot) was less downhill orientated tracks but full of beds of undulating roots. it felt like a lot more bike to get up and over the roots whereas the remedy soars over top of them.

    once i got to the downhill sections tho the bike just smashed it.

    Anyway - i don't want a reign - and I've not ridden a 29er except an old hard tail merida i used to own years ago.

    I will take a slash out. but has anyone got any advice to how a slash might compare to a reign or some other alternatives? I like the look of the SB150 except its a bit spendy. Also being looking at the instinct BC but seems maybe the slash is the better downhiller

    i want decent climbing ability but something that rips downhill and suits my cornering technique (which apparently is that of a reign)

    thanks for any input

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    First place to start is looking at the geo. The Reign has a two degree slacker head tube, which is a big (huge) diff, longer wheelbase and front-center, and more travel. All things that favor descending over climbing and tight maneuverability.

    Along with rear travel, the rear suspension kinematics affect pedaling efficiency, so compare things like anti-squat and anti-rise numbers. More anti-squat means more pedal kickback, so bikes optimized more for descending usually have less anti squat. I haven't look at these numbers for these two bikes.

    Anyway, that's the starting point, and there are many smaller factors that come into play.
    Do the math.

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    x2, geo can make a huge difference

    bookmark this dudes YouTube channel, he reviews lots of bikes. its a MUST !

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