Need Advice - Wheels for 2019 S-Works Epic - Roval/Enve/Other?-
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    Need Advice - Wheels for 2019 S-Works Epic - Roval/Enve/Other?

    Hey guys, could use a bit of advice. I ride a 2019 S-Works Epic that came with Roval Control SL wheels. Unfortunately, last week I smacked a rock and broke my rear rim. Even more unfortunately, I purchased the bike backdoor though a friend that is a Specialized athlete, and I do not have the original purchase receipt.With that, warranty is out of the question and I have been quoted $1,200 for a replacement rim and lacing.

    I have scanned the internet and called all over looking for a used set of Roval Control SL wheels or a single rear wheel with no luck. There is a used set on ebay, but they look pretty beat.

    I am thinking I want to buy a new set of wheels so they are covered by warranty in the future. I have been looking at the Enve M525 laced to a King hub, the Roval Control SL LTD or a new set of Roval Control SL's just like the ones I have.

    Are there any other wheels I should consider? I am 6'1 195lbs, race XC but this is also my do-it-all MTB. I ride it every day on any trail, I just avoid any drops or jumps that I don't feel the bike can handle. I am a former motocross racer, and tend to push an XC to its limits.

    What would you guys do in my situation? Pay the $1,200 to have a rim laced up, pay $1,900 for a new Control SL, or $2,500ish for the new Roval wheels or Enve's? Or purchase something else? I can get a little discount on Enve through the team I ride for, but the team does not have any discounts for Roval. I go to a Specialized shop and pay full retail

    Thanks for your time!


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    We are about to warranty our 3rd roval SL in 18 months. One was crash replacement pricing through specialized. The shop is ripping you off completely. My friendís just broke JRA. He never once broke an old set of his enves.

    DO NOT pay to have that rear hub re-laced to the specialized unless you are getting CR pricing.

    Itís a great hub with DT internals. It may have the same spacing as the DT 240 straight pull hub but I am not sure. I would have it laced to a Light Bicycle rim with DT rev spokes and ride on.

    I get my roval decals from as do many pro riders. They are extremely high quality and even protect the wheels a bit.

    FYI our old shop deal on roval control SLs was 1400 for an entire wheel set. Many amateur teams will have this pricing since itís only 20percent off retail.

    Oddly my old hooked Light bicycle carbon rims laced to i9s with DT comps have been bulletproof. They were the first set of carbon wheels I ever got and have been the most reliable. I have cracked everything else I have owned.

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    2 years no questions replacement and life for defects.

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