Monkeylite XC's installed as flatbars..?-
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    Monkeylite XC's installed as flatbars..?

    My 29er came with a flat bar on it, and the geometry seems to work well with it. I need a much wider bar however. I picked up a Monkeylite XC (low rise) from Performance today, kind of on a whim because my local one is having a giant closeout sale, and I was able to get it for like 75 bucks...

    What sealed the deal for me in the shop was they let me mount it up before I bought it, and I found by rotating it back a bit, it almost became a really wide flat bar with backsweep. Mind you, it's not rotated fully back so that it looks strange, but far enough back that the rise is reduced, and the sweep is increased... the shape is now similar to like an 11 degree sweep Salsa Promoto with the addition of a little bit of rise. I like the feel.

    My question is, am I asking for trouble mounting the bar this way? Poring over Easton literature, I found nothing that says one can't mount the bars this way, but certainly the "traditional" way is rotated forward from this position... by that I mean the decals are centered up and down that way. Although interestingly enough, Easton doesn't cover rotated degree when discussing bar installation, the subject isn't even touched on... just a bunch of stuff about bolt torque limits and bar end do's and don'ts...

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    You're overthinking this. Put it in whatever position feels good to you and torque to spec. Ride. Enjoy.
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    I don't think you will have a problem. If the bar was not meant to be mounted in any direction, no doubt Easton would point this out.

    Now get out there and enjoy your new bar.

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    I did that to my Monkeylite XC for awhile and it worked okay but eventually I decided to try a flat 17 degree sweep Salsa Pro Moto bar which I like a lot better. It shortens the cockpit about an inch using the same stem and allows me to get behind the seat easier on steep descents. I also put Titec Shorties - which coincidentally also have a 17 degree bend on them so they're perfectly straight - on the ends so I can stretch out for long climbs. I love that combo. I didn't notice any increase in hand vibration going from carbon to aluminum. But I also agree that you shouldn't over-think the situation. Try 'em different ways to see how they feel. Flip them upside down to see what it's like to have lower grips, etc. Having the 3/4" riser bar helped me determine the most comfortable grip position - they are useful for that since you can swivel them forward and backward to adjust the cockpit length - but ultimately I found a lower grip was desirable for long climbs.

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