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    Mary, Mary

    I received 2 Mary bars from MeanTodd on Tuesday. I ride geared bikes only. 29er content is only that I intend to get one soon. I'm posting here, because this is where I do most of my lurking and first heard about these bars.

    Messed up my hydro disk brakes trying to avoid going to the LBS for such a simple thing as a handlebar change. I'm apparently even less mechanically inclined than I previously had feared... So my main ride won't be done until Saturday, when my LBS gets to it I guess.

    Put the other set on my backup hardtail with V brakes, so I could at least still ride. Here are my thoughts after one night ride:

    1. Hand position is very comfortable. I found that I was missing being able to move my hands around a lot more on my old bars with bar ends on them. (almost like my hands were bored) I don't think that is a problem, I may just need time to get used to it.

    2. Mary seems easier to keep stable. The hand position is more natural and therefor seemed easier to keep the stearing corrected. Does that make sence? (riding with one hand is much easier, even though I don't need to do that often)

    3. The bars don't seem too narrow, but there is less room after the bends for the controls than I expected.

    4. No place to put my handlebar light, at least so it points straight. I basically was lighting the way for my buddy all night.

    So far I like them, but its hard to tell when the backup bike is so different. (I have to remember how to brake with v's) I'll post more comments after I get my main bike back from the LBS and get to try it out.

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    Mary bars where?

    Where do you get them? Have a URL?

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    I was looking for a second set of Mary because she is very special in a steel handlebar sort of way! Sent an email to meantodd over at Webcyclery(heard they had some) the other day and he said they have sold all of the first bunch of Marys they got.

    Brant from On One posted in the singlespeed forum a few days ago that if you order from the his site, they will be shipped out of zedsport which is one of their US distributors. I believe cost is around $75 shipped. You might want to shoot an email to Brant inquiring about this. He is on the ball and should get back to you rather quick. .

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    Yeah, I got mine from MeanTodd here:

    But like he just said, I guess they are out. I'm glad I bought 2 to begin with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-RAD
    she is very special in a steel handlebar sort of way!
    She is 6061 aluminium.

    We have stock at Zedsport and can ship next day within the US for $75.

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