Lynskey owners with sliders: How did you fix your creaky dropouts?-
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    Lynskey owners with sliders: How did you fix your creaky dropouts?

    I have a 2010 Lynskey Ridgeline with sliders that I ride single speed. I love the ride, especially with the ridged Niner carbon fork. It's light and comfortable (for a ridged). It climbs incredible. But that is where the happy feeling stop. It appears that my sliders creak and by Lynskey recommendation I applied the graphite dry lube with about 25 nM of torque on the bolts. Still creaky... I'm beside myself. I love the ride, but the noise drives me insane. I'm considering selling it and getting a different frame.

    Anyhow, do any of you other Lynskey owners with sliders have creaks? And how did you fix the problem?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    there is a thread about this in the ss forum

    I had the same problem with my ridgeline...I bought the upgrade slider bolt set from paragon, graphite, and tighten to the 25nm...problem solved

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    Highly recommended...

    I had a 2009.5 that originally came without a brace on the non-drive side chain/seat stay junction. Had some slider slippage as a result. Lynskey took care of me and added the brace. Combined with the Paragon kit, all is well now.

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    I have a 2010 Ridgline,haven't noticed any creaking though. My problem was slippage on the brake side.I discovered that the slot in the frame where the slider fits, was machined to big. I had to send the frame back so that they could resolve the issue.

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    I did 3 things to solve my creaking problem....
    1. buy the upgraged bolt kit from Paragon
    2. Torque to higher specs
    3. Put some anti-sieze on the mating surfaces between the slider and the frame (very little)
    4. Loosen the quick-release while the bike is upright and on the ground, push down on the seat to let the axle naturally find it's home in the dropouts, then tighten. I found if i intentionally moved the axle in the dropouts, I could make it creak.

    Creak if there was an easy fix for tire clearance on the 2010 models!

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    Just an FYI that took me too long to solve-
    If you are running the DT RWS bolt thru axle.... They creak like mad. I think it's the outer face of the hubs butted up against the slider edge.

    Took me about 4 lbs of grease all over the sliders on my Moots before I realized that the answer was not the new Paragon bolt kit, wasn't the sliders, wasn't' the set screw....
    Was the damned thru bolt.

    Oh and as far as I'm concerned- a pair of friggin sliders outa come stock w/ that now silent and sometimes creaky bolt thru.
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    Advice taken

    I called Paragon to verify the correct bolt set for my Lynskey. They were awesome by the way. Very informative, helpful and friendly. I ended up ordering the new set MS0023. Which has a burlier head on the screw that is deeper. It allows for deeper insertion of the allen wrench for better grip. Thanks again for all the advice!

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