Hey all,

Looking to get into a LT 29er within the next month or so. This will be my first full suspension and first 29er. I have a budget of around $4k. These are on my short-list after a lot of research:

StumpJumper Comp Carbon 29 - $4520

Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 50 - $4499

Ibis Ripmo NX - $4199

Santa Cruz Hightower LT - $3999

Fezzari Le Sal Peak - $3599

I live in Utah and will be riding a lot of single-track trails with big climbs and rocky descents. I'll also be hitting up Moab and Washington County a few times per year. Might not be doing a ton of downhill ski-resort type stuff until I get more comfortable. I have two close LBS's that carry all these brands but it's hard to get out and demo since we just keep getting pounded with snow.

Any of you own the builds above or have ridden multiple and can give your opinion on which one is your favorite and why? Thanks in advance.